According to an 1899 account, the Lung family of Harwinton, Connecticut 
and Susquehanna county, Pennsylvania descended from a Heinrich Lange, 
born in Brunswick, who was captured at the Battle of Bennington and held 
prisoner in Connecticut:

Henry W. Lung was born in Rush, Susquehanna County, Pa., May 14, 1824.  
His father, Warren Lung was born in Harwinton township, Litchfield County, 
Conn.  His father was Heinrich Lange, (so spelled by him) who was born in 
Brunswick, Germany, and was a soldier in the British army in the war of the 
revolution, taken prisoner at Bennington, Vt., in 1777 and held in 
Connecticut.  Heinrich remained in America and married Elizabeth 
Bartholomew.  To them were born Warren (1789) and Alanson (1791).   p. 
356, The Historical Record devoted principally to the early history of 
Wyoming valley and contiguous territory with notes and queries.  Volume VIII, 
Edited by F. C. Johnson, 1899

      From a family tradition recorded by Rick Sterling:

"Family tradition says Heinrich gave himself up to a Sgt. Warner at Battle
of Saratoga ... Sgt Warner was wounded and Heinrich attended to his 
wounds and helped Warner return to his farm in CT. There Sgt Warner 
eventually died of his wounds and Heinrich married his wife Elizabeth 
(Bartholomew) Warner. After four years of this marriage and 3 children later, 
Heinrich learned that he might get an amnesty and receive some back pay 
from the Hessian gov't.  After boarding the ship to go to Germany he was 
never seen again. Neither was the ship."


     Note: Elizabeth Bartholomew was married to a Moses B. Warner who 
died on October 15, 1782, five years after the Battle of Saratoga.  Seven 
years later, an Elizabeth Warren (Warner?) married "Henry Lang" on 
December 24, 1789 in Harwinton, Connecticut.

    A listing of prisoners captured at Bennington lists a man with a similar 
name who was wounded and taken prisoner at Bennington:

Regiment Specht...
Captain Dahlstierna's Company
Wounded taken prisoner:
Heinrich Langel...?
pp. 63-64, The Plight of the Brunswick Soldiers, by Claus Reuter

     Clifford Neal Smith lists who men with similar names who were captured 
during Burgoyne's invasion and later stayed in America:

								                Left Service:
Name				Birthplace	Age		How, Where, When
Lange, Heinrich		Seesen	        23/09	A	Salisbury 1778
Langelueddcke, Heinr.	Berlingen	32/00	A	Bennington 1777

A = Deserter

p. 26, Brunswick Deserter Immigrants of the American Revolution by Clifford 
Neal Smith

     Heinrich Lange from Seesen has the same exact name and was born in 
the Duchy of Brunswick, but was captured at the Battle of Saratoga and 
deserted in Salisbury township, Lancaster county, Pennsylvania which is 
405 kilometers from Harwinton, Connecticut.  Also, he was not held captive 
in Connecticut, but was marched with the Convention Army to Cambridge, 
Massachusetts and later deserted while being marched to Virginia.  

      The second man, Heinrich Langelueddcke was wounded and captured 
at the Battle of Bennington.  Though his last name is not Lange, such a long 
and foreign name could easily have gotten shorted to Lange and/or Lung by 
the Americans.  Also, though he was serving in the Brunswick army, he was 
born in Berlingen, a town in the Rhineland 419 kilometers from Brunswick.  
He was in the 5th Company of the Specht Regiment.

      Both Heinrichs served in the Specht Regiment.  Heinrich Lange from 
Seesen served in the Leib Company under Captain Jaeger and Heinrich 
Langelueddcke served in the 5th company under Captain von Dahlstiern.


My descent from 5x great grandfather Heinrich Lange or Langelueddcke:

212. Heinrich Lange or Langelueddcke
106. Alanson Lung (1794-1861)
53. Sarah Elizabeth Lung (1825-1879)
26. William Wallace Magee (1850-1912)
13. Bertha Elizabeth Magee (1885-1948)
6. Wallace Lee Babcock (1905-1959)
3. Clara B. Babcock
1. Anthony D'Agostino

Time Line

May 15, 1776 Specht Regiment marches out of Wolfenbuettel, Germany.
May 28, 1776 Specht Regiment arrives at Stade, Germany.
May 29, 1776 Specht Regiment takes oath of allegiance to British Crown.
May 30, 1776 Specht Regiment embarks at Stade for their voyage to Canada.
September 17, 19, and October 6, 1776 Specht Regiment arrives in Canada.
August 16, 1777 Battle of Bennington.
September 19, 1777 First Battle of Saratoga (Freeman's Farm).
October 7, 1777 Second Battle of Saratoga (Bemis Heights).
October 17, 1777 Burgoyne surrenders.

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