We should convert to Metric immediately because:

1. It would help decrease our trade deficit.  Only 30% of goods are 
produced in the United States using Metric measurements.  This severely
limits are ability to export manufactured goods.  Except for Liberia
and Myanmar, the entire planet is using the Metric System.  If we wish
to be able to compete for the global market, we will have to do it 
using the Metric System.  In fact, after December 31, 2009, goods with non-
metric labels will not be allowed to be imported to the European Union.
Failure to convert to Metric is costing us jobs and money.

2. Schools would save money and have more time to teach more important 
things than outmoded backward measuring systems used by only 5% of the 
planet.  In February 1996 the Evaluation Review, an educational research 
journal, published a study by Richard P. Phelps which estimated that 
$17.653 billion and 82 days of instruction could be saved by teaching 
students only the Metric System.  Currently the U.S. ranks 13th out of 17
countries on international math tests given to 8th graders.  We can't
afford to waste time teaching a system of measurement is useless anywhere

3. Having two systems is confusing and costly.  The loss of the Mars Probe
is just one example of how having two systems of measurement cost the
taxpayers money.

4. It is a superior System.  Some people think we should hang on to the
existing system of measurement because they are used to it.  However,
recently a thirty question test of Metric and Inch/Pound systems was given
to the students and faculty at an Arizona High School and both groups 
scored much higher on the Metric part of the test.
Median scores:       Metric             Inch/Pound
Faculty              64%                34%
Students             55%                16%  


Handy Guide to using Celsius

   Using Celsius is much easier than Fahrenheit.  0 is the freezing
point and 100 is the boiling of water, which is much more logical than
the arbitrary 32 and 212 of the Fahrenheit system.  Also, you can tell 
what kind of weather you are having in easy to remember 10 increments:

Below 0 = Freezing
0 - 10  = Cold
10 - 20 = Cool
20 - 30 = Warm
30 - 40 = Hot
above 40 = Very Hot

One kilometer of swimming uses about the same energy as 4 kilometers of running or ten kilometers of cycling

You can estimate that people at a party are emitting about 250 W of heat energy; or that is 1000 W or 1 kW for every four people.  Ten people will raise the temperature of a medium size room by 1 C per hour.

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