Information compiled by Mary Babcock Warner

              BABCOCK FAMILY � MARY BABCOCK WARNER (1910-1993)

Information needed � Whatever you know about:
Dates of birth, death and marriage
Names including middle name
Place of birth, death, marriage and where buried also any interesting incidents you care to include in this history, like Amanda Eiklor Babcock pieced 5 quilt tops by hand the winter she was 85 years old.
The only glasses she ever had were magnifying glasses she used to buy at the dime store for 10 or 15 cents a pair.

Below some information I have:

Daniel Johnson Babcock			December 22, 1840		February 7, 1904
				Married September 1, 1861
Amanda Maynard Eiklor			January 18,1848			August 28, 1935

Lyman Dennis				December 18, 1863		December 21, 194?
Hattie Malvina				March 10, 1866			November 12, 1948
Arthur William				June 28, 1868
Henry Daniel				August 21, 1870			October 9, 1956
Charles Isaac				July 1, 1872			April 16, 1877
Warren Seeley				August 28, 1874			August 14, 1968
Amanda May				Sept. 15, 1877			November 4, 1924
Guy Lee married Bertha E. Magee		June 29, 1880			October 8, 1957
David Franklin				April 27, 1883			November 30, 190?
Ida Cressy				January 5, 1886			May 18, 1976
Carrie Elizabeth				November 22, 1889		July 5, 1912

Daniel�s father � Franklin � death, February 19, 1888, maybe buried at Vestal Center (Franklin�s father � Elisa ?) not sure about this � Daniel had 3 brothers Perry, Charles (Civil War veteran) and Isaac � 2 sisters, (Daniel was also a Civil War veteran)

Arthur William married a twin, the other twin sister raised her sister and Arthur�s children.

Henry Daniel married  Jennie        and had a daughter and a son.

Amandy May married Burt Linsey (not sure of spelling), children: Ida, William and Macia (not sure of spelling)  Macia died young.

Carrie Elizabeth married Guy Griswold, Children: Leo and Eddie


If you have any information that doesn�t agree with this please place a question mark beside it and insert correction.

Daniel Johnson Babcock, Amanda his wife, David Franklin, Carrie, Elizabeth, also Warren Seeley, wife Nellie May Stanford, Emma and Elwin, also Ida Cressy, Thomas O�Brein, her husband are all buried at Brookside Cemetery, Franklin Forks, Franklin Township, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania.

If you are a descendant of this branch of the Babcocks, Please contact me at my e-mail address below... Thanks!

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