[From N.J.
State Chairman, Mrs. Mather I? Garthwaite
Aug 4, 1960]


   Mr. Randolph Croft who lived near Peekskill, and for whom 
I had great respect, gave me some data of the older Croft 
families, and he also substantiated what I already had regard-
ing John Croft, the head of this branch of the Croft family; 
that he was in the employ of the Duke of Baden in Germany, 
and emigrated to America with the Duke’s daughter.
   Mr. John Croft and his wife settled at Stillwater, Saratoga 
County, New York, and it is presumed that they are buried at, 
or near Stillwater.
   Their children were all born in Saratoga County and Their 
son John was probably laid to rest there as he died young.
					W. P. Horton.
From grave marker in St. Peters yard
VanCortlandville, near Peekskill,

James Croft
Died March 9 1839 – age 84 years

   “He was a brave soldier of the Revolutionary War, who for 
five long years suffered all the privations and calamities 
so common to a soldiers life.  But he had a glorious object in 
view which was the deliverance of his Country from the tyranny 
and oppression of a foreign foe.
   He lived to see that accomplished for which he fought so 
bravely, namely, the independence of his Country.  After his ser-
vices were no longer called for by his Country, he settled in 
Phillipstown where he spent the remainder of his days, beloved 
and repected by all who knew him.
   He lived a virtuous live, died a peaceful and happy death.
First Generation

John Kroft, or Croft, was born in Germany.  He married Maria 
Baumaine, or Bowman, daughter of the Duke of Baden.  They came 
to America on a sailing vessel, landing at New Amsterdam, now 
New York City.  They took passage on a vessel sailing up the 
Hudson River and disembarked at the town of Stillwater, 
Saratoga County, New York, where they settled and where all 
their children were born.  They and their son John were prob-
ably buried at or near Stillwater.
                        Their children were
Katherine; born in 1783 [Nov 30, 1756]-died Nov. 26, 1848.  Married Hendrick,
son of Jacob & Annatje Lent, born near Peekskill, N.Y., in 1745 
and died in Penn., Feb. 15, 1801.  Both buried at Rome, Penn.
James; born in 1755 [Oct 1753]-died Mar. 9, 1930 [1839].  Married Hester, the
daughter of Christian J. Vought & Hester Reinhart.  born near 
Peekskill in 1762, died in Putnam Co., N.Y. June 22, 1844.
Both buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
Polly; born in 1757, died Feb. 10, 1850.  Married Godfrey, son
of Christian J. Vought & Hester Reinhart, born near Peekskill 
in 1761.  Died in Penn. Apr. 15, 1849.  Both buried at Rome, Penn.
John, died in youth.
Barbara; born Dec. 24, 1765, died Nov. 15, 1837.  Married John, son
of Tobias & --- Lent, born Mar. 8, 1763, died Nov. 6, 1837.
Both buried at Lake Wesauking, Penn.
“Soldiers of the American Revolution”

CHRISTIAN JOSEPH VOUGHT: listed under Westchester County
Militia, 3rd Regiment, under Col. Samuel Drake.
New York in the Revolution, as Colony and State.
Vol. 1 - Page 213

JOHN MEEKS: noted as Dutchess County Militia 7th. Regiment.
Land Bounty rights.
New York in the Revolution, as Colony and State.
Vols 1 & 2 – Page 252.

JAMES CROFT: (1755-1839) Served as Corporal in Capt John 
[note next two lines crossed out and are illegible]
[see p 351 Roster of St Troops]

Second Generation

            Children of Henry Lent & Katherine Croft
Mary Lent                 married                   ----------
Eleanor                          “                         Joshua Lamereaux
James                             “                        Chloe Parks
Joseph                            “                        Mary A. Johnson
Abraham                        “                        Gittie Elliott
Barbara                          “                        Maj. Joseph Elliott
Richard                          “                        Lucinda Elliott
Katherine                       “                        Simeon Rockwell
Margaret                        “                        Silas Allis

            Children of Godfrey Vought & Mary Croft

David                    married                     Ellen Huyck
Catherine                    “                          Andrus Eikler
Daniel                         “                          Mary Marrison
Mary                           “                          Stephen Cranmer
Joshua                         “                          Polly Thatcher
John                            “                          Mervil Cannon
Second Generation
          Children of John Lent & Barbara Croft
Mary                  married                 Daniel Lamereaux
Elizabeth                “                       T.S. Kinner
Matthias                 “                       Susan Minier
Hannah                   “                      Amasa Streeter
Catherine                “                      James Elliott
Sallie                      “                      Roderick B. Morley
Tobias                    “                      Susan Bull
     “                        “                      Elixabeth Moody-Reel

               Children of James Croft & Hester Vought
CATHERINE, born May 2, 1785-died Nov. 12, 1869.  Married Joseph
        son of Daniel Haight & Martha Fowler.  born Mar. 20, 1779
        died June 25, 1829.  Both buried in Episcopal yard 
        at Garrison, N.Y.
JOHN; born Apr. 10, 1787, died Dec. 29, 1874.  Married 1st.
        Sept. 8, 1808 Mary, daughter of John Meeks & Dorothy
        Woolsey, born Sept. 11, 1787-died Jan. 6, 1832.
        Married 2nd, Fanny, daughter of Henry Romer & Mary A.
        Jennings, born May 16, 1790-died June 23, 1868.
        All buried in Hillside, near Peekskill.

Second Generation

             Children of James Croft & Hester Vought, Cont.
Margaret; born Mar. 6, 1788-died June 14, 1873.  Married 1st.,
      Sylvanus, son of Daniel Haight & Martha Fowler.
      born June 12, 1787-died Oct. 24, 1835.  Married 2nd. Rev. John W.,
        son of James & Effie Reynolds.  born May 21st, 1781-d. 10-18-1846
      Sylvanus buried at Garrison, N.Y. Rev. John buried at Holmes, N.Y.
        Margaret buried at Cold-Spting, N.Y.
JAMES; born Mar. 16, 1791-died July 20, 1863.  Married Susan J.,
        daughter of Joel Jenkins & Elizabeth Garrison.  born May 21, 1797
           died June 28, 1885.  Buried at Beacon, N.Y. Bodies removed to
        Fishkill, N.Y.
HENRY;  born Aug. 2, 1793-died Aug. 8, 1857.  Married Mary, daughter of
        Mephibosheth Nelson & Mary Skinner.  born Apr. 11, 1801-died 
        July 20, 1870.  Buried at South Highlands, N.Y.
STEPHEN; born Jan. 5, 1796-died Oct. 24, 1887.  married Elizabeth,
       Daughter of Lewis Silleck & Ruth a. Wood, born at Ridgefield
       Conn.  July 3, 1803-died near Peekskill, N.Y. Nov. 25, 1887.
       Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
MARIA; born Apr. 5, 1799-died July 25, 1852.  Married James, son of 
         James Mowatt & Bethia Wines.  born in Orange Co. June 23, 1793
died in Putnam Co.  Nov. 67, 1877.  Both buried at Fishkill, N.Y.
Elizabeth, born May 3, 1801-died Apr. 12, 1886.  Married Erastus, son
     of James Mowatt & Bethia Wines.  born in Orange Co. 3-14-1799
     died in Putnam Co. 7-31-1882.  Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.

Second Generation
Children of James & Hester Croft, cont’d.
HESTER V.; born Aug. 13, 1805-died May 8, 1837, Married William,
        Son of Joh Odell & Elizabeth Nelson, born 1804-died Feb.
        27, 1871.  Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.

                               Third Generation
                Children of Joseph Haight & Catherine Croft
James Haight           married                 Jemema Huestis
Martha                           “                     Nicholas Hustis
Joseph                            “               (1) Phebe Nelson
                                       “               (2) Catherine Hatch
Henry                             “                     Cynthia Stevens
Sylvester                        “               (1) Mary A Horton
                                       “               (2) Catherine Croft
Sylvanus                        “                     Margaret Lent
Erastus                           “                     Margaret Croft
Mary Hannah           single
Daniel                         “

              Children of Syvanus & Margaret Croft Haight
Cornelius J.              married               Phebe J. Horton
Emeline                    single
Hetty Susan              married               Albert Amerman
Maria                            “                      Isaac Riggs
Katherine                  single
Martha                         “
Sylvanus                 married                  Jane Nickerson

          Third Generation
            Child of William Odell & Hester V. Croft
 Mary Ann, born and died in 1836

    Children of James Mowatt & Maria Croft
Adelia M.      married                Nicholas Hopper
James W.       single
Mary                  “
Helen B.        married                ------Saunders

Children of Erastus Mowatt & Elizabeth Croft
Bethia       married                David Warren
Hester           “                       Isaac L. Coursen
Emeline         “
James            “
Marion E.      “
Joel              “
Joseph     single
Delaphine  married
John         single

   The parents of James & Erastus Mowatt
James Mowat, Sr. born in City of Hiskmill, in the Orkneys of
   Scotland Oct. 26, 1759.  Bethia Wines, his wife, born at
   Mattituck, Long Island, N.Y. Oct. 25, 1759

                                         Third Generation
         Children of John Croft & Mary Meeks
MATTHIAS; born July 26, 1809-died Dec. 29, 1898.  Married Feb. 14, 1838
         Maria, daughter of Silas Chapman & Hannah Smith.  born June 12,
         1808-died Nov. 29, 1883.  Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
PHEBE; born Mar. 24, 1811-died Jan. 14, 1830.  Buried near Peekskill.
ST. JOHN; born Mar. 9, 1813-died May 21 1894.  Married 1st., Sarah C.
     daughter of Rev. Isaac Lent & Elizabeth Oakley, born 4-10-1816-
     died Sept. 14, 1854.  Married 2nd. Caroline E., daughter of 
     Caleb Williams & Anne Doty.  Born Nov. 25, 1823-died 5-5-1899.
     Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
JAMES H.; born Apr. 2, 1815-died Apr. 18, 1912.  Married Caroline S., 
        daughter of Peter Romer & Elizabeth Sparks.  born 8-9-1816- 
        died May 9, 1879.  Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
PLUME; born Sept. 4, 1818-died Sept. 29, 1912.  Married 1st. Sarah, 
        daughter of Lee Horton & Mary Wixon.  Born Sept. 26, 1818-
        died Apr. 24, 1872.  Married 2nd. Hannah Cummings, widow of
        Elisha Warren.  born 1816-died Feb. 2, 1899.  Plume & Sarah buried
        near Peekskill.  Hannah buried South Highlands.
REV. SAMUEL; born Feb 9, 1820-died Dec. 13, 1889.  Married May 6, 1843,
       Esther E., daughter of John Lickley & Mary Cole.  born Dec. 24,
       1823-died Apr. 26, 1891.  Buried near Peekskill.
OBADIAH; born Feb. 18, 1822 – died Feb. 3, 1901.  Married Mar. 26, 1861,
       Henrietta, daughter of John VanDervort & Mary Holbert.
Born 7-28-1833 – died 1-3-1899.   Buried Binghamton, N.Y.

                                   Third Generation
         Children of John & Mary Croft continued.
MARY; born Oct. 1, 1824-died Oct. 26, 1872.  Married Sept. 30, 1843
         Alexander S., son of Joshua Mead & Jane Somerville.
         born 11-19-1819-died 7-17-1886.  Buried Near Peekskill.
CATHERINE; born 3-29-1828-died 2-28-1921.  Married 1846 Henry,
        son of Silas C. Chapman & Hannah Smith.  born 12-9-1815-
        died 1-13-1889.  Buried near Peekskill.
JOSHUA; born 7-28-1830-died 4-15-1871.  Married Jane, daughter of
       Adam Ward & Charlotte King.  born 6-22-1827-died 2-6-1900.
       Buried Ceder Grove, Flushing, L.I.

                    Children of John Croft & Fanny Romer
[˜]RANDOLPH; born 3-24-1833-died 7-4-1922.  Married Emelinda, daughter
               of George Hill & Mahala Agor.  born 4-1-1847-died 5-7-1927.
               Buried near Peekskill.
FRANCES; born 7-16-1835-died 4-15-1911.  Married 12-18-1861,
        William G., son of Abijah Scofield & Mary Gardner.  born 8-10-
        1820-died 10-25-1905.  Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.

              Children of James Croft & Susan Jenkins
REF. JOEL; born 2-11*1820-died 3-27-1879.  Married Minerva, daughter
of Robert Place & Elizabeth Williams.  born 2-13-1892-
died 1-18-1917.  Buried near Peekskill.

                                              Third Generation
                     Children of James Croft & Susan Jenkins, cont.
HARRIET; born 5-15-1822-died 11-18-1874.  Married Nicholas, son of 
        Richard Hopper & Nancy Allen.  born 1-18-1818-died 7-26-1892.
        Buried Fishkill, N.Y.
Eliza; born 3-8-1824-died 5-9-1892.  Married James S., son of 
    Harvey Mead & Abigail Serrine.  born 2-14-1830-died 1-12-1914.
    Buried at Cold Spring, N.Y.
SUSAN; born 9-3-1830-died 3-14-1878.  Married 9-3-1851 John, son of 
        Benjamin McCoy & Catherine Wood.  born 3-9-1830-died 9-19-1911.
        Buried near Peekskill.

Children of Henry Croft & Mary A. Nelson
CAROLINE; born 7-25-1821-died 11-30-1904.  Married 6-11-1845
        Joshua Cornelius, son of Morris W. Nelson & Jane Horton.
        born 10-24-1818-died 9-14-1879.  Buried South Highlands.
ELIZABETH; born 9-14-1822-died 1-13-1883.  Married 1st. John G., son 
       of Rev. Richard Hopper & Ruth Cronk.  born 1----1827-died 12-28-
       1871.  Married 2nd. Jesse, son of Abram Austin & Hannah Cronk.
       Buried South Highlands.
Hester E.; born 11-11-1823-died 2-2-1903.  Married George, son of 
       James Quackenbush & Effie Gorman.  born 1822-died _---1886.
         Buried Brooklyn, N.Y.
JAMES M.; born 8-8-1825-died 3-31-1849.  Buried South Highlands.
[Transcriber's note: 1st name on previous line hard to read]

                                                    Third Generation
                    Children of Henry Croft & Mary A. Nelson, continued
CATHERINE; born 1-22-1827-died ? Married Sylvester, son of Joseph
        Haight & Catherine Croft.  born 10-12-1817-died 5-26-1898.
        Buried Fishkill, N.Y.
NELSON; born 3-28-1828-died 5-11-1894.  Married Margaret J., daughter
        of Ferdinand Robinson & Jane Cronk.  born 12-8-1826-died 8-12-1892.
        Buried South Highlands.
CORNELIUS; born 8-17-1829-died 2-26-1842.  Buried South Highlands.
Phebe; born 3-16-1832-died 6---1916.  Buried Cypress Hills, Brooklyn.
MARY H.; born 10-16-1833-died 11-16-1913.  Married William H., son of
        James Hopper & Eliza Robinson.  born 1831-died 9-29-1906.
        Buried Ossining, N.Y.
HELEN A.; born 3-14-1835-died 11-20-1895.  Married Hiram, son of John
        Van Tasssel & Hannah Jane Mead.  born 8-4-1830-died 3-26-1919.
        Buried Cold-Spring, N.Y.
FRANCES; born 5-11-1836-died 5-31-1866.  Married John, son of James
        Hopper & Eliza J. Robinson.  Buried South Highlands.
ADELIA; born 1-18-1838-died 5-21-1885.  Married Thomas W., son of 
        Levi Owen & Nancy Whitney.  born 4-5-1833-died 1-16-1899.
        Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
CHARLES H.; born 10-22-1840-died 3-14-1908.  Married Emily, daughter
        of Jacob Gillett & Emeline Mead.  born 3-26-1833-living in 1930.
        He is buried in South Highlands.
EMILY; born 1-22-1842-died in 1885.  Married George, son of Ferdinand
        Robinson & Hannah Ferris.  No record of George.  She is buried at
South Highlands.                                                                                 [DAR]

                                             Third Generation
               Children of Henry Croft & Mary Nelson, continued.
JOEL; born 9-20-1843-died 9-11-1909.  Married Arvilla, daughter of
        Cornelius Pierce & Minerva Travis.  born 1846-died 1916 Newburgh.
        Joel buried at South Highlands.
ADELINE; born 4-19-1845-died 7-30-1859.  Buried South Highlands.

             Children of Stephen Croft & Elizabeth Silleck
Lewis; born 8-22-1825-died 2-22-1880.  Married Jane, daughter of
        William Ferguson & Dorothy Owen.  born 5-20-1831-died 2-17-1880
        Buried Hyde Park, N.Y.
MARGARET; born 9-27-1829-died 1-12-1917.  Married Erastis, son of Joseph
[Transcriber's note: "i" in Erastis hard to read on photocopy]
        Haight & Catherine Croft.  born 11-1-1829-died 12-21-1905.
        Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
STEPHEN; born 10-16-1832-died 2-13-1916.  Married 12-3-1859 Ruth
        Adelia, daughter of Stephen Weeks & Phebe A. Terry.  born 12-3-1834
        died 6-25-1924.  Buried near Peekskill.
HESTER; born 12-1-1837-died 5-19-1916.  Married 8-15-1857-George W.
        son of Curtis Whitney & Elizabeth Merritt.  born 5-21-1835-died 
        4-15-1918.  Buried near Peekskill.
JOHN; born 9-12-1839-died 7-5-1924.  Buried near Peekskill.
William; born 8-5-1843-died 2-23-1926.  Married 1st. 5-2-1867 Mary,
        daughter of David Sparks & Emily Horton.  born 7-20-1845-died
        8-10-1890.  Married 2nd 1-1-1897 Phebe, daughter of John Odell
        & Sarah Crawford, and widow of Oscar McCoy.  born 4-29-1849-
        died 9-7-1904.  Buried near Peekskill.

                                                 Third Generation
                 Children of Stephen Croft & Elizabeth Silleck, cont.
ADELINE; born 4-29-1849-died 2-27-1922.  Married 1-15-1868 Charles H.,
        son of Edgar Briggs & Catherine McCoy.  born 11-19-1842-died 1-29-1915
        Buried near Peekskill.

                                               Fourth Generation

                    Children of Matthies Croft & Maria Chapman
WILLIAM H. born 11-22-1830-died 2-25-1849.  Buried near Peekskill

MARY E. born 12-16-1832-died 5-10-1833.  Buried near Peekskill.
MARY J.; born 7-15-1834-died 1-31-1917.  Married 7-11-1872 Reuben,
        son of Reuben Smith & Mary Start.  born 10-9-1810-died 12-6-1886
        Buried near Peekskill.
HARRIET; born 9-10-1836-died 12-18-1916.  Married Theodore, son of Daniel
        Travis & Phebe Buckbee.  born 8-14-1832-died 10-27-1909.
        Burried near Peekskill.
WILLIAM H.; born 8-15-1839-died 3-10-1919.  Married 4-13-1868 Martha,
        daughter of Monmouth Buckbee & Sally Avery.  born 7-19-1838-died 9-2-1920
        Buried near Peekskill.
FRANCIS D. born 8-22-1841-died 10-11-1849.  Buried near Peekskill.
REV. CHARLES P.; born 9-29-1843-died 11-15-1921.  Married Julia, daughter
        of Col. William Mather & Emma Phelps.  born 8-26-1832-died 5-30-1911
        Buried Simsbury, Conn.
HANNAH; born 9-8-1846-living in 1930.  Married 5-17-1882 – Robert Lee, son
        of Jacob Strang & Sarah Lee. Born 10-4-1844 – died 12-6-1917.
        Buried near Peekskill.

                                             Fourth Generation
                     Children of Matthias Croft & Maria Chapman, cont.
SILAS C.; born 10-11-1848-died 4-12-1902.  Married Caroline B., daughter
        Reuben Smith & Bethia Case.  born 1-27-1842-died 9-19-1911.
        Buried near Peekskill.
FRANCIS D.; born 8-19-1852-died 12-30-1899.  Married Emeline A., daughter
        William Born & Maria Gable.  born 5-11-1852-died 3-29-1910.
        Buried near Peekskill.

                        Children of St. John Croft & Sarah C. Lent
ISAAC L.; born 11-13-1837-died 11-1-1839.  Buried near Peekskill.
JOHN W.; born 12-25-1838-died 10-4-1854.  Buried near Peekskill.
HELEN S.; born 8-27-1842-died 1-5-1918.  Buried near Peekskill.
MARY E.; born 2-29-1846-died 3-24-1847.  Buried near Peekskill.

                          Children of James H. Croft & Caroline Romer
CALISTA; born 1-5-1839-died 12-22-1909.  Married 3-27-1877 George, son
        of Alexander Mead & Mary J. Croft.  born 3-23-1849.  living 1930.
        She is buried near Peekskill.
ESTER J.; born 1-1-1841-living in 1922.
HENRIETTA; born 5-1-1843-living in 1922.  Married 12-3-1873 Stephen O.
        of Rev. Jacob D. Washburn & Margaret Young.  born 12-17-1851-
        died 11-21-1913.  Buried at North Tarrytown, N.Y.
THEODORE; born 5-25-1845-died ?.  Married Wilhemina, daughter of John
        & Margaret Fisher.  born 9-19-1845.
[E?]MMA; born in 1851 - died in 1915.  Married 1st. Henry L. Babbitt.
[Transcriber's note: 1st letter of previous line cut off by photocopy]
        Married 2nd. Thomas Allcock.  Buried at Brooklyn, N.Y.

                                                  Fourth Generation
                      Children of James H. Croft & Caroline Romer, cont.
CAROLINE; born 5-12-1853-living in 1922.  Married 11-4-1872 Dr. George W.
        son of Leander B. Bigelow &  Mary A. Brown.  born 1-9-1850-living 1922 
ULYSSES G.; born 4-21-1864-living in 1922.  Married 1st. Mamie L., daughter
        of George W. Wilt & Mary Pook.  born 3-24-1863-died 9-5-1913.
        Married 2nd. Bertha, daughter of John Ellis & Sarah Long.  born 9-9-1884
        living in 1922.  Mamie buried at Brooklyn, N.Y.

                    Children of Plume Croft & Sarah Horton
SARAH E.; born 2-9-1840-died 12-28-1908.  married 1-29-1857 Edgar D.,
        son of Morris Crookston & Jane Owen.  born  10-30-1834-died 2-27-1910
        Buried near Peekskill.
JOSEPH P.; born 8-3-1842-died 7-30-1917.  Married 8-26-1866 Marie
        Christina, daughter of Peter J. Nartzheim & Marie Rosalie Schieffer
        born in Germany 8-15-1836-died in Brooklyn, N.Y. 12-13-1912.
        Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
MARY F.; born 10-26-1844-died 8-27-1928.  Married 5-7-1873 Abraham N.,
        son of John Griffin & Sarah Nichols.  born 6-29-1817-died 1-24-1896.
        Buried near Peekskill.
JOEL; born 8-1-1847-died 6-21-1852.  Buried near Peekskill.
MATTHIAS; born 8-20-1848-died 10-14-1860.  Buried near Peekskill.
JOHN LEE born 12-4-1850 - died 1-21-1851.  Buried near Peekskill.
[D?]OROTHY A.; born 3-8-1852 - Living 1930.  Married 11-8-1871 Lewis, son of
[Transcriber's note: 1st letter of previous line cut off by photocopy] 
        James Hill & Sarah Pinkney.  born 11-15-1830 - died 2-18-1905.
        He is buried at Mahopac Falls, N.Y.

                                                 Fourth Generation

                         Children of Plume Croft & Sarah Horton, cont.
SUSAN M.; born 3-22-1854-died 1-21-1902.  Married 6-25-1876, James
        Emery son of William Selleck & Susan Smith.  born 12-15-1840-
[Transcriber's note: Emery's name hard to read.  May be spelled Emory]
        died 3-13-1920.  Buried Croft Corners, N.Y.
CATHERINE L.; born 11-3-1858-died 8-26-1929.  Married 3-27-1878 Jerome,
        son of Philo Wilcox & Mary Pierce.  born 12-4-1855.  living in 1930
        She is buried at Binghamton, N.Y.
JULIA E.; born 4-3-1860-died 5-20-1926.  Married 12-29-1879 Harlan, son
        of Daniel Wilcox & Catherin SEverson.  born ? living in 1930
        She is buried at Binghamton, N.Y.

                           Children of Rev. Samuel Croft & Esther Lickley
REV EBENEZER; born 7-10-1844-died 2-26-1930.  Married 1st 5-29-1868
        Harriet E., daughter of Hollis Erskine Jewell & Harriet Clapp.
        born 7-1-1846-died 3-8-1892.  Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.
        Married 2nd. 6-25-1894, Cora, daughter of Clark B. Chappel & Eliza
        E. Olmstead.  Living 193- in Green Co.  Rev. Ebenezer buried Green Co.
MARY E. born 1-13-1855-died 11-2-1906.  Buried near Peekskill.
JOHN JOSHUA ;born 8-10-1847-died 2-27-1933.  Married 12-31-1873 Sarah E.
        daughter of Cornelius Haight & Phebe J. Horton.  born 3-17-1854-
        died 1-10-1890.  Buried near Peekskill.

                                                  Fourth Generation

                     Children of Obadiah Croft & Henrietta VanDervort
WILLARD J.; born 12-20-1862-died in 1863.  Buried at Cold-Spring, N.Y.
WILBUR V.; born 12-20-1862-died in 1863.  Buried at Cold-Spring, N.Y.
EDWIN R.; born 3-13-1864-living 1922.  Married Nina Pierce.
FANNY V.; born 10-22-1866-living 1929.  Married 6-28-1892 Clifford W.,
        son of Elbert A Beman & Emily Watrous.  born 4-29-1865-living 1929.
Sarah C.; born 11-6-1869-living 1924.  Married 9-21-1897 Charles I.;
        son of James Maguire & Deborah Humphrey.  born 5-9-1863.  living 1924.
FRED J.; born 11-28-1874-died 12---1913.  Buried Bellingham, Wash.
FRANK D., born 10-20-1879-living 1924.

Children of Joshua Croft & Jane K. Ward
CHARLOTTE F.; born 12-11-1854-died 1-7-1902.  Married Charles Wesley,
        son of Charles W. Nassau & Hannah Hamill.  born 4-5-1842-died 6-11-1918
        Buried Flushing, L.I.
IDA; born 3-17-1856-living 1922.
Florence; born 10-2-1865-living in 1922 in N.Y.C.  Married David I., son
        of David MacFadyen & Helen A. Howe.  born 10-15-1857-living 1922.
                 Children of Randolph Croft & Emelinda Hill
NILES; born 11-4-1873-died 1-1-1930.  Married 1897 Sophia, daughter of
        Henry Lee Gilette & Philena Barger.  born 9-20-1876-living 1930.
        He is buried near Peekskill.
JESSE; born 7-4-1877-living 1930.  Married 12-7-1904 Ethel, daughter of
        Charles H. Briggs & Adeline Croft.  born 10-18-1884-living 1930.

                                         Fourth Generation
            Children of Alexander Mead & Mary Croft
Henrietta              married               William Warren
Elthea                       "                      William W Jefferds
Oliver                       "                 (1) Mary Walker
                                 "                 (2) Annie M. McCoy
George                     "                [(3)] Calista Croft
John                       single
Catherine              married                Charles Griffin
Minnie E.                 "                        Rev. J.W. Cleveland
William F.                "                        Mary Frazier
Leslie R.                   "                        Ida Dapman
Edith G.                  single
Eva Pauline               "

              Children O f Henry Chapman & Catherine Croft
Curtis                       single
Emma                         "
Mary                        married             James S. Simpson

              Children of William Scofield & Frances Croft
William F.                married             Florence Briggs
Vincent                         "                    Mabel Best
              Children of Nicholas Hopper & Harriet Croft
Elmira                       single
James A.                   married             Mary Dingee
Eugene                          "
Wilbur                           "

                                     Fourth Generation
              Children of Nicholas Hopper & Harriet Croft, cont.
Frank                         single
Carrie C.                       "

              Children of John McCoy & Susan Croft
Marilla M.                 married              Richard Barnett
Hattie                             "                    George Field
Irene                          single
Fred                           married              Elizabeth Sullivan
George H.                      "               (1) Rebecca Devine
                                       "               (2) Mary Ryan

              Child of Rev. Joel Croft & Minerva Place
EMMA, born (date not available)-living in 1922.  Married 9-23-1875, the
        Rev. Philip Germond.  born 4-17-1838-died 9-3-1906.  Buried at
        Mount Hope, Conn.  They have two sons.

              Children of Joel Croft & Arvilla Pierce
George L.  No date of his birth or death.  Captain on boat in N.Y.
CARRIE; died in infancy.
Katherine; No date of birth-died 4-6-1906.  Married Charles Lusher
        She is buried in Brooklyn, N.Y.
Mary; born 11-24-1871-died 5-26-1921.  Married 3-5-1887 Charles son of
        John S. VanWart & Clara Coldwell.  born 8-8-1867-living 1930.
        Mary buried at Poughkeepsie.
                                       Fourth Generation
              Children of John G. Hopper & Elizabeth Croft
Beth Emily                  single
James                          married                  (twice)
Richard                       died young
Carrie                          married                  Hiram Reeves

              Children of William H. Hopper & Mary E. Croft
Fred A.                        married                  Ella Tice
Everett                             "                         Alice Minnerly

               John Hopper & Frances Croft had no children.

              Children of Charles H. Croft & Emily Gillet
HOWARD; born 7-19-1863-died 5-23-1925.  Married 11-15-1892 Virginia
        daughter of Nelson Croft & Margaret Robinson.  born 3-12-1866.
        living 1930.  He is buried in South Highlands.
EDWARD; born 6-20-1867-living 1930.  Single.
JULIA; born 10-31-1872-died 12-18-1877.  buried South Highland
ARTHUR ERSKINE; born 5-2-1879-living 1930.  Married 6-19-1926
        Day, daughter of Joseph Cooper Gerow & Jennie Day Hathaway,
        born 4-12-1887-living 1930.

Children of Nelson Croft & Margaret Robinson
JAMES H. born 11-24-1852-died 2-5-1883.  Married Ella, daughter of
        Johnathan Gilbert & Catherine Oakley.  born 8-2-1852 - died 9-23-1919
        Buried near Peekskill, N.Y.


                                 Fourth Generation
              Children of Nelson Croft & Margaret Robinson, cont.
EMMA; born 2-1-1855-living 1922.  Married John, son of Moses C. Bell
        & Mary Cronk.  born 10-26-1840-living in 1922.
ADELINE; born 7-25-1859-living 1929.  Married 9-14-1881 Charles, son of
        Joshua C. Nelson & Caroline Croft.  born 11-8-1855.  living 1929.
VIRGINIA; born 3-12-1866-living 1930.  Married 11-15-1892 Howard, son
        of Charles H. Croft & Emily Gillett.  born 7-19-1863-died 5-23-1925
        He is buried at South Highlands.

              Children of Joshua Nelson & Caroline Croft
William H.                 married              Julia M. Schouten
Charles J.                         "                   Adeline Croft
Mary F.                            "                   James Edward Odell

              Children of Sylvester Haight & Catherine Croft
Charles                       died young
Eugene                          "        "
Kirmis                           "        "
Frank                             "        "
Mary                           married              Frank Waite
Lillian                                "                  Thomas Servise
Addie                                 "                  Ellsworth Croft
Henry C.                            "                  Jessie Bryant

              Children of Charles Briggs & Adeline Croft
William                       married              Jessie McCoy
Ethel M.                            "                    Jessie Croft

                                   Fourth Generation

              Children of George Quackenbush & Henrietta Croft
Mary E.                        single
George                         married              Elizabeth Horton
Fred                                  "                    Carrie Tiemyer
   "                                     "                    Hattie Davies
Augustus                      single
Walter                          married              Marion Wyburn
  "                                      "                    Alice Tuttle

              Children of Hiram VanTassell & Augusta Croft
Dora                             single
George                            "
Bertie N.                         "
Mary A.                        married              Egbert Pindar
Nellie                                "                     George J. Chase
Lettie                                "                     George W. Mosher

              Children of Thomas W. Owen & Adelia Croft
Stella                             married              Marvin Pindar
Minnie A.                           "                    Dennis J. Conroy

              Children of George Robinson & Emily Croft
Lillian                            married              Thomas Duffy
Rev. William H.                 "                    Catherine Sykes

                                      Fourth Generation
              Children of George W. Whitney & Hester Croft
Alice                              married              Ebenezer C. Pratt
Ida                                      "                     Joel Mowatt
Mary E.                          single

              Children of Lewis Croft & Jane Ferguson
William; Married Estella Wiggs
Stephen; Married  Jeanette, daughter of James VanWagner & Ann Beach.
George T.; Married 1st. Kate, daughter of Philip Cookingham and Mary
        Crapser.  Married 2nd. Alice, daughter of Humphrey VanWagner and
        Mary Deuel.
James L.; Married 1st. Carrie, daughter of Daniel Ganung & Eliza
        Montfort.  Married 2nd Fanny, daughter of William V. Martain and
Lillian; Married Frederick C., son of Sylvanus Haight & Margaret Lent.
Ellsworth; Married Adaline, daughter of Sylvester Haight and
        Catherine Croft.
              Children of William Croft & Mary Sparks
WINIFRED; born 8-5-1869-living 1930.  Married 1*1*1891 Herbert, son of 
        Benjamin Odell & Sarah J. Denike.  born 1-2-1867-living 1930.
ERNEST; died in infancy.
CLEANTHA; born 7-9-1874-living 1930.  Married 9-1-1892, William, son of
        John Linkletter & Emma Knowlton.  born 2-21-1860-died 11-18-1909.
        He is buried in Stony Point, N.Y.
ESTHER; born 6-26-1877-died 12-16-1925.  Married 4-22-1899 Frank A.
        son of Schuyler Lent & Sarah Anderson. b. 2-4-1877-died 5-26-1904.
        Buried near Peekskill.

                                      Fifth Generation
              Children of Reuben Smith & Mary J. Croft
EMILY T.                     married              Dr. Alfred Bell
Reuben C.                           "                   Adah B. Crofoot

              Child of Robert L. Strang & Hannah Croft
FRANCES married Elias Chapman

               Child od George Mead & Calista Croft
GERTRUDE single.
               Children of William H. Croft & Martha Buckbee
MONMOUTH; born 4-16-1869-died 8-26-1869.  Buried near Peekskill.
WILLIAM H.; born 11-1-1872-died 4-3-1873.  Buried near Peekskill.
Lulu; born 1-21-1874-died 4-29-1875.  Buried near Peekskill.
EMMA; born about 1885-living 1930.

              Children of Silas C. Croft & Caroline Smith
ELOISE; born 5-16-1873-died 8-2-1873.  Buried near Peekskill.
LEONARD M.; born 2-28-1877-living 1930.  Married Florence M.,
        daughter of Richard Farmer & Sara B. Farmer, born in 1880-living.

              Child of Francis D. Croft & Emeline Born
FLORENCE B.; born 4-14-1890-living 1930.  single.

              Children of Henry L. Babbitt & Emma Croft
HEnry Eltinge
ELLA LLOYD              married              Fremont Cole.

                                   Fifth Generation

              Child of Theodore Croft & Wilhelmina Fisher

              Children of Ulysses G. Croft & Mary Wilt
HAZEL R.                     married              W. H. Thomas
LESTER H.G.                     "
FLORENCE M.             single

              Children of Ulysses G. Croft & Mary Pook

              Children of Edgar D. Crookston & Sarah E. Croft
WILLIAM E                 died young
JAMES                             "   single
EUGENE                          "   young
EDALINA                        "        "
FRANKLIN                   married             Ida Halstead
SARAH E.                           "                  Charles Rush
JOHN T.                              "                  Minnis Gilbert
WILLIAM E.                      "                   Lavina Tuttle
EMELINE                           "                   Orrin Turner

              Children of Lewis Hill & Dorothy A. Croft
JENNIE                           married            Elias Jenkins
HERBERT                            "                 Florence Pinckney

                                   Fifth Generation
              Children of James E. Selleck & Susan M. Croft
NELLIE                           married            H. Sutton
JAMES A.                             "                 Theodora Travis

              Children of Joseph P. Croft & Christina Hartzheim
HERMAN; born 7-18-1869-living 1930.  Married 1st. Emeline Brown d. 2-23-1916
        Married 2nd 1917 Annie Louise Coleman-Curry.
CHARLES EDWARD; born 5-20-1871-living 1930.  Married 1st. Laura Alexander
        died 10-26-1897.  M. 2nd. Minnie Rothweiler-living 1930.
MATTHIAS; born 8-7-1872-living 1930.  Married Johanna Herter.
AMELIA BEATRICE; born 11-28-1874-living 1930.  Married 1st. Oscar
        Taylor-died 4-2-1903. M. 2nd. Aloysius Pfeifer-living 1930.

              Children of John J. Croft & Sarah Haight
WELFORD; born 1-8-1877-died 8-21-1939.  Married 1-12-1897 Leila,
[Transcriber's note: WELFORD is listed as Wilford in Index; probable typo]
        daughter of Eugene Travis & Sarah Purdy.  born 5-2-1879-living 1930
ELMER L.; born 11-26-1881-died 7-9-1949.  Married 9-29-1903 Lucy,
        daghter of George T. White & Abbey Lent.  born 9-11-1882. d. 5-22-1928
        Buried near Peekskill.
CLESSON A.; born 9-11-1884-living 1930.  Married 1-19-1906 Mary,
        daughter of Israel Pidgeon & Mary Kane.  born about 1875-living 1930.

              Children of Clifford Beman & Fanny Croft

                                      Fifth Generation
              Child of David MacFadyen & Florence Croft
FLORENCE                married                William MacAlister

              Child of Charles J. Nelson & Adeline Croft
Charles J.                     married                Martha Maedel

              Children of James H. Croft & Ella Gilbert
NELSINE; born 7-2-1874-living 1930.  At Peekskill, N.Y.
CECIL; born 2-21-1877-died 1-23-1922.  Buried near Peekskill
KENNETH J. born 11-17-1879-died 5-30-1918.  Buried near Peekskill

              Children of Howard Croft & Virginia Croft
WALTER H.; U.S. Navy  1896-1918.
MARGUERITE; born 10-23-1902-living 1930.

              Children of Leonard Croft & Florence Farmer


              Children of Niles Croft & Sophia Gillette
NILES RANDOLPH; born 1-23-1898-died 6-1-1907.  Buried near Peekskill.
NELLIE; born 10-5-1901-living 1930.  Married 11-27-1918 Joseph, son of 
        Thomas & Theresa Cabello.  Living in 1930.
JESSIE; born 1-24-1903-living 1930.  Married 8-12-1922 Edgar, son of
        Harry Elias Pierce & Mary Grunby: born 5-21-1900-living 1930.
EDITH; born 9-6-1909-living 1930.

                                 Fifth Generation

              Children of Jesse Croft & Ethel Briggs
STEPHEN E. single
WILBUR J.        "

              Children of Herbert Odell & Winifred Croft
FLORENCE                   married             John Murtaigh
HAROLD                             "                  Ruby Beaton
DONALD                       single

              Children of William Linkletter & Cletie Croft
STEPHEN CROFT                1893-1912
EMMA                                   1895-1914
CAMILLA HARRIS              1896-1915

              Children of Frank A Lent & Esther N. Croft
HELEN                          married              George Duncan
LILLIAN                        single

              Children of Rev. Ebenezer Croft & Harriet Jewell
LAURA J.; born 3-24-1867-died 12-13-1926.  Married 6-3-1888 Edward
        Spencer, son of James H. Travis & Lucy Lickley.  born 8-19-1867
        died 5-12-1930.  Buried near Peekskill.
OLIN W.; born 10-10-1868-died 6-26-1954.  Married 11-26-1891 Wille Etta,
        daughter of Ebenezer Curry & Phebe Lent.  born 7-17-1869-d. 12-20-1937
WILLIAM SPENCER; born 2-1-1872-living 1930.  Married 11-25-1894 Edna,
        daughter of Eugene & Susan Barrett.  born 9-22-1874-living 1930.

                                        Fifth Generation
              Children of Rev. Ebenezer Croft & Harriet Jewell, cont.
KATHRYN D.; born 3-18-1874-living 1930.  Married 2-25-1892 George V.
        son of Valentine Hanf & Jane McWilliams.
ALBERT E.; born 3-13-1876-died 22-1889.  Buried near Peekskill.
ARTHUR BERTRAM; born 7-1-1879-died 9-19-1938.  Married 1st. 6-26-1901
        Hattie L , daughter of Isaac Halstead & Sarah Tichenor.  born 9-8-1878
        died 3-11-1911.  Buried near Peekskill.  Married 2nd. 6-1-1913
        Antoinette, daughter of August Bohlig & Jennie A. Valentine.
MABEL C; born 3-13-1882-living 1930.  Married 6-25-1903 Herman, son of
        Cornelius Lent & Ella Mosher.  born 7-14-1879-living 1930.
CLARENCE B.; born 10-10-1884-living 1930.  Married 9-6-1911 Nellie,
        daughter of Elmer H. Lewin & Nellie M; Westgate.  born 5-26-1893
DONALD; born 3-3-1892-died 7-29-1892.  Buried near Peekskill.

              Child of Rev. Ebenezer Croft & Cora Chappel
ERNEST C.; born 4-13-1895-died 9-18-1895.

                                       Sixth Generation
              Children of Joseph Cabello & Nellie Croft
JOSEPH, JR.; died at age of 8 months.

              Child of Edgar Pierce & Jessie Croft
HARRY EDGAR; born 1924

              Children of Olin Croft & Wille Etta Curry
MILDRED MAY; born 5-17-1895-living 1960.  Married 5-27-1918 Dr. Leslie
        son of Chauncey Peterson & Annie Twigger.  born 8-18-1891. living
CLIFTON; born 4-18-1897-died 1-3-1898.  Buried near Peekskill.
MILTON OLIN; born 10-27-1900-died 12-8-1941.
CLIFFORD; born 1-30-1903-living 1930.
CATHERINE L.; born 11-11-1905-living 1930.  Married 1-2-1926
        C. Frederick, son of George Treadwell & Blanche Reynolds.
        born 11-6-1906-living 1930.

              Children of Edward S. Travis & Laura J. Croft
MYRTLE                       married             Cyrus Pierce
KENNETH                         "                   Winifred Mummery
EARL                                  "                   Jeanette Dannison
STANLEY                          "                   Ruth Slowey
Roger                                  "                   Lillian Gray
SHIRLEY                           "                   Florence Summerscale
Laura J.                               "                   Robert Engle
Irma                                 single
Miriam                               "

Sixth Generation
              Children of William S. Croft & Edna Barratt
AUINGTON; born 10-20-1897-died 1-8-1944
[Transcriber's note: AUINGTON is listed as Arlington in Index; probable typo]
HILDA; born 9-23-1901-died 6-13-1952

              Child of George V. Hanf & Kathryn D. Croft
NOEL ERSKINE; born 7-31-1898

              Children of Arthur Croft & Hattie L. Halstead

CLARENCE; born 9-3-1904-died 2-19-1930

              Children of Herman Lent & Mabel C. Croft
RODERICK R.; born 8-14-1903
MABEL E.; born 5-12-1906
GRACE M.; born 3-2-1909
              Children of Clarence B. Croft & Nellie Lewin
RICHARD J.; born 7-21-1912
BEATRICE H.; born 4-16-1917

              Children of Dr. Leslie Peterson & Mildred Croft
HAROLD L.; born May 22-1922.  Married Dorothy, daughter of Ralph H. &
        Ruth R. Parker 12-29-1945.  She was born  6-6-1922.  Both living.
PHYLLIS; born 6-15-1923.  Married 10-27-1946 Merton E. Kleintop.

                               Seventh Generation

              Children of C. Frederick Treadwell & Catherine Croft
MURIEL JEAN; born 4-2-1928
RALPH EARL; born 9-30-1929
GEORGE OLIN; born 9-17-1930
CHARLES FREDERICK, born 9-27-1942
RICHARD LEE; born 8-24-1943

Eighth Generation

              Children of Harold L. Peterson & Dorothy Parker
HAROLD LESLIE, JR.; born 9-14-1950
KRISTIN DOROTHY ; born 4-20-1953

              Children of Phyllis M. Peterson & Merton Kleintop
DEBORAH; born 8-24-1950
PETER MERTON; born 2-12-1953-died 3-24-1953

              Child of Ralph E. Treadwell & Betty Tierney
JUDY LYNN; born 4-14-1958

   Many thanks to my dear cousin Betsy Stuerke for her assistance with transcription problems.  Her assistance was invaluable.  This web page 
is dedicated to her with my gratitude.

    I have transcribed the above text with no changes.  My notes or hand 
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Comments received about this text:
    According to Sandra Huemann-Kelly, Hendrick Lent's parents actually 
Abraham Lent & Lea Sarah Cronkheit and Katherine Croft's year of birth 
much too late.  My own records have Catherine Croft as being born on
November 30, 1756 in Stillwater, Saratoga County, N.Y.    

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