A Peace Proposal for Cyprus

   In 1974, to prevent a massacre of Turkish Cypriots, the Turkish 
Government invaded the island of Cyprus.  However,the Turkish Army 
seized almost 40% of the island to save the lives and protect the 
interests of the Turkish Cypriots who make up only 18% of the island's 
population.  This is excessive and prevents a fair and equitable 
settlement of the conflict.

   Therefore I am proposing the following solution:
1. The return of the land between Nicosia and Famagusta and some lands
   west of Lefke to the Greek Cypriots (see map above).
2. The Karpas Peninsula will remain under Turkish control, if the 
   Turkish authorities in northern Cyprus agree to become an 
   autonomous federated part of a Cypriot Federation.  Should the
   Turkish authorities demand complete independance, the Karpas
   Peninsula will revert to Greek Control (see map above).

   I believe this is a fair plan since the area which would remain
under Turkish control should they demand independance is roughly 20%
of the island and they compose approximately 20% of the island's 
population.  Should they choose to remain an autonomous part of 
Cyprus, they would be rewarded for their moderation by keeping a 
larger portion of the island.

   I am neither a Muslim nor a Christian and am thus completely
neutral in this dispute.  My concern is solely for a fair and just
resolution to this problem.

How to contact me: 

If you are interested in a just solution to the Cyprus problem, 
please contact me with your thoughts on this issue.  You can e-mail 
me at my e-mail address below.

A Cinquain Poem

Turks, Greeks
fearing, fighting, fleeing
They all love Cyprus

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