Godfrey Vought (1760-1849) of Rome, PA

Godfrey Vought was born circa 1760.08/1763 in Peekskill, NY to 
Catherine Rhinehart and Joseph Christian Vought.  DAR has birth as 4/1761 
His father was an immigrant from the Netherlands.
He enlisted in 1780 in Col. Hughes regiment, New York Line during the 
Revolutionary War.
He married Polly Croft in 1780.

  1.David VOUGHT (16 Feb 1790 - 7 Oct 1865), husband of Ellen Huyck
  2. Catherine (_Caty_) VOUGHT d. 23 Jun 1879, wife of Andrus Eiklor
  3. Joshua VOUGHT, b. 23 Jan 1795, husband of Polly E. Thatcher
  4. John VOUGHT (15 Mar 1805-1890), husband of Mervil Cannan
  5. Polly (_Mary_C_) VOUGHT (13 Jul 1793 - 28 Mar 1868), wife of Steven Cranmer
  6. Daniel VOUGHT, Husband of Mary Mattison

He died in Rome, PA on 1849.04.15.

Isaac Vought (born 1814), the son of Henry Christian Vought (born around 
1760), and grandson of Joseph Christian Vought said to his granddaughter 
Myrta Delling a few years before his death in 1903 that Joseph Christian 
Vought was from "Ornesprat."  Due to the similarity of the name, I checked 
the baptismal records from 1810-1849 for Ooltgensplaat, Netherlands but did 
not find any mention of Joseph Christian Vought nor his wife Christina 

From THE VOUGHT FAMILY by Heverly At the age of 18 he enlisted 
in the regiment of Colonel Hughs and served one year in the 
Revolutionary war. He re-enlisted under Col. Dubois and served 
an additional nine monthes He was in many skirmishes and was 
personally acquainter with George Washington, Mad Anthony and 
other distinguished soldiers of the Revolution. His granddaughter 
says " I have many times heard him resite his experience, and as 
he told of the hardships of the soldiers a momentary sadness 
came over his face. After the was he married Polly Croft. Only 
one family proceeded the Voughts into Rome Township, Bradford Co. 

From LaFrancois Family Tree Fought in the Revolutionary War 
Enlisted at 18 in the regiment of Col. Hughes - served one year. 
reenlisted under Col. Dobois - served 9 months Knew George 
Washington and Mad Anthony moved from Peeksville to Rome, Pa. 
Cut own road with Hendrick Lent Killed a bear that was stealing 
a pig. in 1804 built the first frame house in Rome and then a 
barn with Andrus Eiklor and mr. Wells built teh first sawmill in 
Rome started a tavern in Rome Started the first orchard in Rome 
with the seed that he had brought was tall,fine looking with ble 
eyes, light hair and fair complexion. His little wife braved the 
fronteer. One night they heard a pig squeal and Mr Vought with a 
gun and his wife with a torch went out nto the night and saw a 
large bear carrying a porker. A good shot and they had an 
abundance of bear meat. In 1814 he opened his doors to the 
public, keeping Rome's first house of public entertainment. His 
orchard bore the first fruits in Rome. 

CHAPTER XXXVIII. ROME TOWNSHIP  (pp. 423-432) By Clement F. Heverly 
Godfrey Vought, a native of Peekskill, N.Y., enlisted in the Revolutionary 
War and served until the establishment of peace.  He was personally acquainted 
with General Washington, "Mad Anthony" Wayne and many other distinguished 
patriots. In 1798 he emigrated to Rome, cutting his own road part of the 
way from Sheshequin. He took up lands and erected a log house in the north 
part, of the present Rome village. Here surrounded by savage beasts he 
began to battle with the wild woods. His little wife bravely shared the 
dangers and hardships with him. One night they heard their pig squeal. Mr. 
Vought ran out with his gun and found a large bear trying to carry the 
porker from its log pen. Mrs. Vought followed with a torch, when a well 
aimed bullet saved the pig and supplied the larder with an abundance of 
bear's meat. In 1804 Mr. Vought built the first framed house in Rome and 
soon after the first framed barn. He also in company with Andrus Eiklor 
and a Mr. Wells put up the first saw-mill in Rome. In 1814 he opened his 
doors to the public, keeping Rome's first hostelry. He died, 1849, in his 
eighty-ninth year. His wife was Polly Croft, who died, 1860, aged 
ninety-three years. Their children were David, Catherine (Mrs. Andrus Eiklor), 
Polly C. (Mrs. Stephen Cranmer), Joshua and John.

History of the Presbyterian Church of Rome, Pennsylvania (pp. 53-61) 
By: Victor Charles Detty 
Godfrey Vought, a farmer, had his residence at the site of Claude B. Wilmot's 
residence. His wife was Polly Croft, granddaughter of the Duke of Baden, 
Germany. He died in 1849 in his eighty-ninth year. He was the great-grandfather 
of Mrs. G. W. Chase and Mrs. Minnie Truesdale of Taylor Hill and Miss Ruth 
Whitney and the great-great-grandfather of A. J. and Richard Whitney and 
Sarah Whitney (wife of Dr. R. L. Scott of Buffalo, N.Y.). He and his wife 
donated the land, valued at $100, for the erection of the Rome Methodist 
Church in 1849. 

The following is the testimony he gave when applying for his Revolutionary
War Pension.  My comments are in brackets.

Declaration for the purpose of obtaining the benefit of the act of 
congress of the 7th of June 1832 granting pensions to the soldiers of 
the Revolution.

                 State of Pennsylvania }
                 County of Bradford    }    S.S.

                                                          On this 
tenth day of September 1832 personally appeared before the court of 
common pleas of the county of Bradford Godfrey Vought a resident in 
the Township of Rome in the said county of Bradford and State of 
Pennsylvania aged seventy years who being first duly sworn according 
to Law doth on his oath make the following declaratoin in order to 
obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the act of congress 
passed June 7th 1832
     That he enlisted for the term of one year in the army of the 
United States about the tenth of April as near as he can recollect in 
the year 1780 at Peeks Kill Westchester county in the state of New 
York.  That he was enlisted by a recruiting officer or agent by the 
name of Thomas Vanpeldt into the company commanded by Cap Bond who 
shortly after left the command of the company which was in his stead 
placed under the command of Cap Jonathan Knapp who continued in the 
command during the year.  This company was attacked to the Regiment 
under the command of Col Hews or Hughs.  Major Kears commanded in the 
same Regiment, John Accomom was his Lieutenant in his company. Shortly 
after his enlistment this declarant was ordered into service on board 
of the Boats at Kings Ferry so called at Stony and Verplanks Points on 
Hudson River called "Continental Boats" and the service was that of 
transporting the troops, cavalry and Infantry and public property of 
various Kinds such as cattle, provisions and military stores &c. and 
he continued in this service during the year for which he enlisted and 
at the end of the year was regularly dismissed but dont recollect 
whether he had a written discharge or not.  At this time there was a 
considerable portion of his pay in arrears and due for his services 
and so with his other soldiers and there were some persons who 
purchased form the soldiers their arrears of pay.  This declarant 
states that for his services he received but very little and that in 
"continental money" that it was so depreciated that he gave six 
dollars for a gill of rum [one gill = four fluid oz or 118 mL] at one time.
That the service rendered by him and others attached to and manning 
the continental Boats was exceeding arduous & fatiguing.  He was 
subject to be called into service and often times great exertion at 
any & all times, night and day, when the weather was good or bad.  He 
was required not only to transport persons and property, expresses and 
troops across the river at the ferry, but also provisions and stores 
up and down the River to any distance necessary.  He saw Genl Arnold 
on board his barge as he passed down the River by where he was then 
stationed on Van Planks point to a vessel by about three miles below.  
He saw Major Andre a number of times and he assisted in ferrying him a 
number of times accross the river at Kings ferry.  After he had got 
dismissed from his first years service he immediately enlisted again 
for nine months service at Peekskill state of N York, he went before 
Col Saml. Drake to be qualified that he would perform faithfully in 
the service of the United States in he thinks they were called the New 
York Levies that he served the nine months tour on the lines as 
[illegible] scouting parties in Westchester county  Bedford &c. as 
occassion required.  Richard Sacket was his Captain, Lieut Moshier or 
Moser was first Lieutenant of the company, second Lieutenants name 
Tucker, Col Dubois commanded the Regiment, was discharged he thinks by 
the Major but dont recollect his name, at the experation of the said 
nine months, During this time the money had become so depreciated that 
he paid one hundred and ten dollars for one gill of Rum to (old Mother 
Trow) Middle Patten [Middle Patent, North Castle Township, Westchester 
County].  During this time he had an engagement with Col Holmes at 
"King Street" thinks New Rochelle county) in which Cap Sackett was 
taken [skirmish 1781.11.01 three miles east of White Plains?] and 
Lieut Mosher (as above) had a desperate engagement, we killed one man 
dead and it was reported that forty four were wounded.  That this 
declarant with others guarded the French artillery up to fort called 
"Valentine Hill" [Valentine Hill Marker Location: On 201 Seminary 
Avenue in front of St. Joseph’s Seminary in Yonkers, New York 10714] 
and while there an express came and ordered us back to the army under 
the hill and carried the wounded and dead back, after a hard 
engagement with the Hessians which, he thinks was in the latter part 
of June.  That another engagement took place at "Dobbs Ferry" on the 
North River [Hudson River] at the British shipping went down the River 
after having been up the river and while they were up the River we 
built a fort a little below Tarry Town at Dobbs Ferry after the nine 
months service ended this declarant was frequently called out to guard 
the lines by the militia officers and had frequent tours in scouting 
sometimes ten or fifteen days at a time and exposed to hardshiip and 
toil and found themselves without any pay.
     This declarant further states the wages he drew for the first 
year while he was in the Ferry service of his enlistment was a dollar 
per day.  But received his pay & all he did receive in continental 
bills as before stated.
     This declarant hereby relinquishes every claim whatsoever to a 
pension or annuity except the present and he declares that his name is 
not on the pension Roll of any agency in any state.                                                                                                          

                                           Godfrey + Vought

Sworn and Subscribed the
day and year aforesaid in 
open court.
             J P Bull, Prvt.
     per E S Goodrich Dep.

                         and the said court do hereby
declare their opinion that the above named
applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served 
as he states.
                             Bradford County, SS
                             I James B Bull Prothonotory
of the court of common Pleas of Bradford 

Godfrey Vought's Last Will and Testament

Last Will & Testament	(	I Godfrey Vought of the township of
670 of Godfrey Vought	(	Rome in the county of Bradford & state
deceased late of Rome	(	of Pensylvania farmer being in a
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(	declining state of health but of a sound
mind & disposing memory do make and ordain this my last
will & testament in manner &  form following that is to say
I will that my funeral expenses any last debts be paid and
Discharged out of my personal property as soon after my decease 
as reasonably may be.  I give and devise to my beloved wife Polly
the use rents & occupancy of the dwelling house in which we
live & the barn below the house on the same side of the road
with the land embraced in the following description to wit
Beginning at the well between my house and Joshua thence to a
Butternut tree standing in the fence back of the house thence
northerly course past the barn to the back of the hill where
the fence comes down the hill thence square to the highway
thence down the road to the burying ground thence along
the line of the fence to the Burying ground to the line between
the farms on which John Vought lives and the farm on which
I now live thence following said line across the creek to the old
6 corner line thence a Northerly line to an elm tree standing
near the bank of the creek called parks creek thence a southerly
direction to the fence on the lower side of the Orchard thence a 
direct line to the highway at the lower corner of the shed opposite
the [illegible] house thence to the bars between Joshuas & my house &
thence to the well the Place of Beginning.  Also a piece of Land
to contain twenty five acres situate on the North or west side
of the highway along the line of the farm on Which John Vought
lives to my west line or north west line & wide enough so that
the line is to run parallel with siad Johns line back to the road
wide enough to make the twenty five acres to have & to occupy the
same so long as she lives.  And I do more over give to my said
wife all the house hold furniture and one half of all the personal
property to her absolute use I give and devise to my Daughter
Catharine Eiklor all the land and buildings before described the use
of which my wife Polly is to have as aforesaid the title to vest in 
her the said Catharine at the deceas (sic) of her Mother.  I give and devise 
to my said son Joshua Vought and to his heirs all the land
contained in my farm which I now own north of the land 
before disposed of in this my last will on condition that he or his 
heirs pay to Polly Cranmer Widow of Stephen Cranmer deceased fifty Dollars
a year after my desease for four years making in all two hundred
dollars without Interest I give to my Daughter Polly Cranmer 
two hundred Dollars to be paid in four years after my decease
by payments of fifty Dollars per year the first payment to make
in one year after my decease & so on in yearly Payments as
above Specified by Joshua Vought.  I give and devise to Joshua 
Vought and to his heirs for the support and maintenance of 
my son John Vought & Marvell his wife during their [illegible] 
of their natural lives the following piece or tract fo land [illegible] 


as follows to wit beginning at the old 6 corner line south 
of the Wysox creek thence to the highway so as to stike the 
south line of the burying ground, thence across the highway 
along with line of the meeting house lot straight up the 
hill & back to the back line of the farm thence southerly 
along the line of John Canmores line thence to Joshua
Maynards line thence following said line to the place of 
Beginning containing one hundred acres more or less 
& if in the Providence of God the said Joshua Vought shall 
die before the said John & Marvell [illegible] 
case the heirs of the said Joshua to entitle them to the benefits 
of this devise are to carry out the conditions thereof by maintaining 
the said John & Marvell as the said Joshua is bound to 
do to carry out the intention of the Testator.
Lastly I do hereby nominate constitute & appoint my son 
Joshua Executor of this my Last Will & testament and I do 
hereby revoke annul and make void all former and other 
wills and testaments heretofore by me made & do declare 
this only to be my last will & testament in Witness thereof
I the said Godfrey Vought the testator have hereunto set my 
Hand & seal the 18th day of January AD 1849.
                                                           	Godfrey (his x) Vought {seal}
[illegible] Sealed published & declared by the said 
Godfrey Vought the testator as & for his last will & testament 
in the presence of each other have hereunto inscribed 
our names as Witnesses
						Hiram H. Mann
						William M. Mowatt
	Probate taken May 1st 1849

Joshua Vought			{	Letters testamentary granted to Joshua
670 executor of the Estate	{	Vought upon the Estate of Godfrey
of Godfrey Vought		{	Vought deceased late of Rome township
Late of Rome died		{	in the county of Bradford he having
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~	first been duly sworn well & truly
	3.81 paid			to administer upon said Estate
					according to Law.
Given under the hand & Seal of the Register at Towanda
		This 1st day of May 1849  Inventory Filed May 18th 1849


Godfrey Vought was my 5 x great grandfather.  If you are descended 
from him as well, please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address

Also, please check out my link to "Vought Family and Reminiscenses of 
Early Times" by C.F. Heverly.

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further notes

202. Godfrey Vought
born 1760.08 or 1763 in Peekskill, NY
Revolutionary War veteran – listed as being in the 3rd Regiment of the Westchester 
County Militia
according to the DAR, he enlisted in 1780 at the age of 16 in Col. Hughes regiment, 
NY Line.
Pension mentions him enlisting at Peekskill, NY about April 10, 1780 and serving 1 
year in Captain Bond's company, later Captain Jonathan Knapp's company in Col. 
Hugh's regiment in 1780 and 9 months in Capt. Sacket's co. Col. Dubois' regiment 
in Westchester co. in 1781.  He was employed on the "continental boats" at King's 
Ferry, Stony Point and Verplanck's Point transporting troops, cavalry and infantry, 
cattle, and military stores.  He ferried Maj. Andre a number of times.  When he 
served in Capt. Richard Sackett's company in Col Dubois' New York regiment he 
was in an engagement with Col. Holmes at "King Street thinks New Rochell 
county" in which engagement Capt. Sackett was taken prisoner, and was in other 
engagements one of which was at Dobb's Ferry (a little below Tarry town) on the 
North River.  He afterwards was called out frequently on short tours.  He defended 
the French artillery up to a fort called "Valentine Hill".  A hard engagement against 
the Hessians in the latter part of June.
married 1780 to Polly Croft
1800 Vought, Godfey living in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania in census 
1810 Vought Godfrey in Orwell, Luzerne county, PA in census
1820 Godfrey Vought in Orwell, Bradford, PA in census 
1830 Godfry Vought in Orwell, Bradford, PA in census
1840 Godfrey Vought in Rome, PA, age 79, in census of Pensioners of Revolutionary or Military Service
died 1849.04.15 or 05.29 in Rome, PA

404. Joseph Christian Vought
born 1741 in Ornesprat, Netherlands (per grandson Isaac Vought, the son of Henry 
Christian Vought).  The closest place name I have found to Ornesprat is 
Oranjeplaat, which is in the town of Arnemuiden. 
1745 family came to America and settled in Peekskill, NY
Revolutionary War veteran – listed as being in the 3rd Regiment of the Westchester 
County Militia
according to the DAR he served as a private in Capt. Ebenezer Boyd's company, 
Col. Samuel Drake's 3rd Westchester County, NY regiment
died 1799 in PA