The Hamdanids of Northern Iraq

Hamdanid family tree in the Encyclopedia of Islam:
Adi b. Usama ... b. Taghlib
Hamdun b. al-Harith
Hamdan b. Hamdun b. al-Harith
Abu l-Haydja (ruled 905-929)died 929
Nasir al-Dawla (ruled 929-967) died 969
Abu Taghlib (ruled 967-978)died 979
bint ("daughter of") Abu Taghlib married Romanus Skleros

   I was researching the story of the Hamdanid Emirs and came across a 
very in depth article about them in volume III of the Encyclopedia of 
Islam pages 126-131 which lists the father, grandfather, and great
grandfather of the last Hamdanid ruler in Northern Iraq, Abu Taghlib.
   The article names his full name as "Fadl Allah Abu Taghlib 
al-Ghandanfar".  Abu Taghlib deposed his father in 967 and ruled until 
978 when Mosul was captured by the Buwayhid forces.  He was executed in 
the year 979 after being taken prisoner by Mufarridj, the master of 
Ramla, Palestine.
   His father was "Al-Hasan b. Abd Allah b. Hamdan" who was also known
as "Nasir al-Dawla."  He had a very volatile reign from 929 until he was
deposed by his son Abu Taghlib in 967.  For about a year (942-943),
Nasir al-Dawla made himself "amir al-umara" and controlled what was left
of the Abbasid Empire until he was kicked out of office by a revolt led
by one of his officers and returned to Mosul.  After being deposed by
his son in 967, Nasir al-Dawla was exiled to Ardumusht, where he died in
   Nasir al-Dawla's father was "Abd Allah b. Hamdan" who was known as
"Abu l-Haydja".  Abu l-Haydja was governor of Mosul off and on from 905
until 929, when he became involved in a plot to make Muhammad al-Kahir
Caliph of the Abbasid Empire.  The plot backfired and Abu l-Haydja died
"heroically" defending Al-Kahir.
   Abu l-Haydja's father was "Hamdan b. Hamdun b. al-Harith" who is
first mentioned in the historical record as taking part in an army
fighting against the Kharidjis of Djazira (northern Iraq).
   The article also states that "the Hamdanids are descended from Adi
b. Usama ... b. Taghlib, which is why they are called Taghlibis and
Adawis(see their genealogical tree in Wüstenfeld, Tabellen, C, 32 and in
M. Canard, Histoire de la dynastie des Hamdanides de Jazira et de Syrie,
i, Algers 1951, 287-8; cf. the appendix to the edition of the Diwan of
Abu Firas by S. Dahan, Beirut 1944)," and further states that the family
originated in Barkaid in the eastern part of the Djazira.
   The abbreviation "b." stands for the word "bin" which means "son of".  
It is a variation of the Arabic word "ibn" which also means "son."  
I hope this information will be helpful to any researchers of the Hamdanid 

   The article on Nasir al-Dawla on pages 994 and 995 names Nasir al-Dawla's 
Kurdish wife "Fatima bint Ahmad" as the mother of Abu Taghlib.

*** New Development!!!
   A July 09,2000 listing in the Family History Forum of AMRO NET lists
the ancestors of Hamdan b. Hamdun!  The listing which is found at states that according 
to Ibn Khallikan, the founder of the Hamdanid dynasty was:
Hamdan b. Hamdun b. al-Harith b. Luqman b. Rashid b. Muthanna b. Rafi
b. al-Harith b. Ut'ayf b. Mujzi'a b. Harith b. Malik b. Ubayd b. Adi 
b. Usama b. Malik b. Bakr b. Hubayb b. Amr b. Ghanm b. Taghlib.
   Another webpage of AMRO NET at lists
Taghlib's ancestry back to Adnan, an ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

My descent from the Hamdanids

Anthony D'Agostino 
Clara Babcock 
Wallace Lee Babcock (1905-1959)
Guy Lee Babcock (1880-1957)
Amanda Maynard Eiklor (1848-1935)
David Eiklor (1815-1860)
Caty Vought (1783-1879)
Polly Croft (1760-1869)
Mary Bomaine/Maria Princess of Baden-Baden (1742-1822)
August Georg, Margrave of Baden-Baden (1706-1771)
Ludwig Wilhelm, Margrave of Baden-Baden (1655-1707)
Louise Christine, Princess of Savoy-Carignan (1627-1689)
Tomaso Francesco, Prince of Savoy Carignan (1596-1656)
Catalina Micaela, Princess of Spain (1567-1597)
Philip II, King of Spain and Portugal (1527-1598)
Karl V, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (1500-1558)
Philip I, King of Spain (1478-1506)
Maximilian I, Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (1459-1519)
Leonor, Princess of Portugal (1436-1467)
Duarte I "the Eloquent", King of Portugal (1391-1438)
Philippa Plantagenet (1360-1415)
John of Gaunt, D. of Lancaster (1340-1399) 
King Edward III of England (1312-1377)
Princess Isabelle of France (1292-1358) 
King Philippe IV "the fair" of France (1268-1314)
Princess Isabel of Aragon (1243-1271) 
Princess Jolan of Hungary (1219-1251) 
King Andras II of Hungary (1176-1235)
King Bela III of Hungary (1148-1196)
Princess Evfrosiniya of Kiev (1130-1186) 
Grand Duke Mstislav I of Kiev (1076-1132)
Vladimir II Monomach, Chernigov and Novgorod (1053-1125)
Maria [Irene] Monomachina (1032-1067) 
Pulcheria Skleraina d.c. 1041 (mistress or wife of Emp. Konstantinos IX of Byzantium)
Basileios Skleros
bint (daughter of) Fadl'Allah Abu Taghlib (name unknown)
Fadl'Allah Abu Taghlib al-Ghadanfar (   -979)
Al-Hasan b. Abd Allah b. Hamdan "Nasir al-Dawla" (   -969) m. Fatimah bint Ahmad al-Kurdi
Abd Allah Abu l-Haydja (   -929)
Hamdan b. Hamdun b. al-Harith "al-Shari"
Hamdun b. al-Harith
Habib or Hubayb
Afsaibn Du'mi

Below is a combination of two Arab traditions of the ancestors of Adnan 
both attributed to Al-Tabari.  Be warned, the Prophet Muhammad who was 
a descendant of Adnan said that noone knew Adnan's ancestors for sure 
and that genealogists were liars!  So, take the following with a grain 
of salt. 

 Udad or Adad
 al-Hamaysa or Humaisi
 Ubayy or Obai
 Awwam [extra generation from list 2]
 Nashid [extra generation from list 2]
 Yidlaf or Yadlaf
 Tabakh or Tabikh
 Jaham or Jahim
 Tahash or Nahish
 Makha or Makhi
 Ayfa or Aid
 Abqar or Aqbar
 Ismail [extra generation from list 1]
 Ubayd or Ubaid
 Ad-Da'a [extra generation from list 2]
 Sanbar or Sanbir
 Yathribi or Yathrabi
 Yahzan or Yahzin
 Ar'awa or Ar'awi
 Ayfa or Aid
 Dayshan or Deshan
 Isar or Aisar
 Aqnad or Afnad
 Ayham or Aiham
 Muqsir or Muksar
 Nahath or Nahith
 Rizah or Zarih
 Shamma or Sami
 Mizza or Mazzi
 Aws or Awda
 Arram al-Nabit or Aram
 Kedar or Qaydhar (Biblical Kedar) 
 Isma'il (Ishmael)
 Ibrahim (Abraham) 
 Tarih or Azar (Terah)
 Nahur (Nahor)
 Sarugh (Serug)
 Rau'u (Reu)
 Falikh (Peleg)
 Aybar (Eber)
 Shalikh (Shelah)
 Arfakhshadh (Arpachshad)
 Sam (Shem)
 Nuh (Noah)
 Lamak (Lamech)
 Mutawshilkh (Methusaleh)
 Khanuhk (Enoch)
 Burrah (Jared)
 Mihlayil (Mahalalel)
 Kaynum (Kenan)
 Anuus (Enosh)
 Shees (Seth)

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