Descendants of Pocahontas

7 generations of Pocahontas' descendants

1. Pocahontas (Mrs. Rebecca Rolfe) (c. 1595-1616)
married circa 1614.04.01 to John Rolfe (1585.05.06-     )

2. Thomas Rofe, b. 1615
married Jane Poythress

3. Jane Rolfe, d. 1676
married 1675 to Col. Robert Bolling (1646-1709

4. Col. John Bolling (1676-1729)
married Mary Kennon

5. Maj. John Bolling (1700-1757.09.06)
married 1728.08.01 to Elizabeth Blair, d. 1775.04.22

6. Thomas Bolling (1735.07.07-1804.08.07)
married Elizabeth Gay (see Elizabeth Gay below)

7. Elizabeth Bolling, b. 1760
married William Robertson (1750-1829)

8. Archibald Robertson (1772-1861)
married Elizabeth M. Bolling

8. Thomas Bolling Robertson (1773-1828)
married Lelia Skipwith

8. William Robertson
married Christina Williams

8. John Robertson (1787-1873.07.05)
married Anne Trent

8. Anne Robertson
married 1813 to Dr. Henry Skipwith

8. Jane Gay Robertson
married Sen. John H. Bernard of Virginia

8. Wyndham Robertson, b. 1803
married Mary F. Smith

7. Rebecca Bolling
married William Murray (see William Murray below)
see William Murray's children below

7. Col. William Bolling
married Mary Randolph

8. Anne Meade Bolling
married Jos. K. Weisiger

8. William Albert Bolling
married Eliza Christian

8. Thomas Bolling, b. 1807
married Louisa Morris

8. Jane Rolfe Bolling
married Robert Skipwith

7. Thomas Bolling
never married

7. Mary Bolling
never married

6. John Bolling, b. 1737.06.24
married Martha Jefferson (sister of Pres. Jefferson)

7. Martha Bolling
married Field Archer

8. Powhatan Archer
married to ? Walthall

8. Martha Archer
married 1st to John Bolling
married 2nd to ? Berry

8. Ellen Archer
married ? Berry

8. Mary Archer
married Edward Covington

8. Lucy Archer
married to ? Archer

7. John Bolling 
married Miss Kennon

8. Evelina Bolling
married Alexander Garrett, Clerk of Albemarle county

8. Susan Bolling 
married John Scott

8. ? Bolling

7. Edward Bolling, d. 1835
married Dolly Payne

8. Powhatan Bolling
married ? Payne

7. Archibald Bolling
married Catharine Payne

8. Archibald Bolling, d. 1860
married Anne E. Wigginton

8. Edward Bolling, d. 1855
married Anne Cralle

8. Alexander Bolling, d. 1878
married Susan Gray

7. Mary Bolling
married Edward Archer

8. Peter Jefferson Archer
married 1st to M. Michaux
married 2nd to Lucy Gilliam

7. Robert Bolling
married Jane Payne

6. Col. Robert Bolling (1738.08.17-1769)
married 1st Mary Burton
married 2nd Susan Watson

7. Mary Burton Bolling (1764-1787)
married 1781.11.04 to Robert Bolling, b. 1759.03.03

8. Mary Burton Augusta Bolling
married John Monro Bannister

7. Pocahontas Rebecca Bolling
married 1782 to Col. Joseph Cabell

8. Sophonisba Cabell (1784-1857)
married 1809 to Robert H. Grayson

8. Sarah Bolling Cabell, b. 1786
married 1805 to Elisha Meredith

8. Charles J. Cabell (1789-1810)

8. Edward Blair Cabell (1791-1850)
married 1812 to Harriet Forbes Monroe

8. Sen. Benjamin William S. Cabell of Virginia (1793-1862)
married 1816 to Sarah Eppes Doswell

8. Mary P. Cabell (1798-1821)
married 1818 to Peyton Doswell, d. 1820

7. Elizabeth Blair Bolling
married Maj. Thomas West

8. ? West
married to James S. Jones

8. ? West
married to Dr. Joel W. Flood

7. Linnæus Bolling (1773-1836)
married Mary Markham

8. Mary Bolling
married Dr. James Cobbs

8. Susan Bolling, d. 1849
married Robert T. Hubbard, lawyer

8. Philip A. Bolling
married Mary Eppes

8. Robert Bolling
married 1st to Sarah Hobson
married 2nd to Mary Watkins
married 3rd to Martha Brackett

7. Powhatan Bolling (1767-1802)

6. Mary Bolling, b. 1744.07.16
married 1761 to Richard Bland

7. Richard Bland (1762-1806)
born Susanna/Susan Poythress

8. Richard Bland
married 2nd to Miss Ledbetter

8. John Bolling Bland
married 1st to Miss Eppes
married 2nd to Rachel Reed
married 3rd to E. Cargill

8. Sarah Bland
married Thomas Bott

8. Theodorick Bland
married Mary Harrison

8. Mary Bland
married Elgin Russell

7. Ann/Anna P. Bland, b. 1765
married 1st to John Morrison
married 2nd to Peter Woodlief

8. Hannah Woodlief
married Dr. Hardaway

8. Anna Woodlief
married to Mr. Jeffrey

8. Elizabeth Woodlief
married Dr. Shadrach Alfriend

6. Sarah Bolling, b. 1748.06.16
married to John Tazewell

7. Elizabeth Tazewell
married to Samuel Griffin

7. Littleton Tazewell
married to Catharine Nevison née Boush

8. Sarah Bolling Tazewell
married William O. Goode

7. Dr. William Tazewell, M.D., d. 1840
married Mary "Page" Tanner

8. Willianna Blair Tazewell

8. Catharine Nevison Tazewell
married 1st to E. Ambler
married 2nd to Capt. Ed. S. Gay

8. Henrietta Watkins Tazewell
married C. I. Fox, Agent Associated Press

8. Mary Louisa Tazewell
married Dr. J. B. Southall

8. Sally Bolling Tazewell
married Dr. George Fitzgerald

8. Martha Jefferson Tazewell
married to Dr. J. B. Southall after her sister Mary Louisa's death

8. Jane Rebecca Tazewell

8. Nancy Rosalie Tazewell
married Andrew L. Ellett

8. Isabella Tazewell

6. Archibald Bolling, b. 1750.03.20
married 1st in 1770 to Sarah Cary
married 2nd in 1774.02 to Jane Randolph (see below)
married 3rd in 1797 to Widow Byrd
married 4th in 1802 to Widow Clark

7. Sarah Bolling
married 1792 to Joseph Cabel Megginson (1771-1811)

8. William C. Megginson (1794-1847)
married 1821 to Amanda M. Bocock

8. Elizabeth C. Megginson, b. 1796
married William Berkeley

8. Archibald Bolling Megginson (1798-1851)
married 1st in 1824 to Ann R. White
married 2nd in 1833 to Elizabeth Roberts

8. Joseph C. Megginson (1800-1858)
married 1826 to Almira Montgomery

8. Samuel B. Megginson, b. 1802
married 1828 to Mary A. Johnston

8. Jane Randolph Megginson, b. 1804
married Dr. Nathaniel Powell

8. John R. Megginson (1806-1875)
married 1835 to Mary R. Dunn

8. Benjamin C. Megginson, b. 1809
married 1837 to Fanny Blain

7. Anne Everard Bolling 
married 1st to Sheppard Duval
married 2nd to Col. Jo. Cabell in 1804

8. Samuel Sheppard Duval

8. Archibald Bolling Duval

8. Jane Randolph Cabell (1805-1833)
married 1824 to Philip T. Allen

8. John B. Cabell, b. 1808
married 1st in 1830 to Mary C. Wardlaw, d. 1835
married 2nd in 1839 to Martha Posey

8. Elizabeth Robertson Cabell (1809-1852)
married 1st in 1826 to James B. Paulett
married 2nd in 1834 to Sen. Archibald Dixon

8. Robert Bolling Cabell, b. 1812
married 1st in 1833 to Anne E. Herndon, d. 1834
married 2nd in 1835 to Eleanor Hart

8. George W. Cabell, b. 1814
married 1837 to Mary R. Williams

8. Mary Ann Hopkins Cabell, b. 1824
married 1845 to Dr. E. L. Willard of California

7. Elizabeth Meade Bolling, d. 1823
married 1801 to Archibald Robertson

8. Elizabeth Jane Robertson (1802-1822), died unmarried

8. Rebecca Robertson (1803-1823)

8. Pocahontas Anne Robertson (1805-1838
married to Mr. Bolling

8. Virginia B. Robertson (1807-1836)
married Colonel Ralph Graves

7. Blair Bolling, b. 1792
married 1st in 1824 to  M. A. Webster
married 2nd in 1827 to Penelope Storrs

8. Archibald Bolling
married 1852.02 to Eliza Trueheart Armistead

8. John Bolling
married 1st in 1855.10 to Maria Page Armistead
married 2nd to Julia B. Tinsley

8. Mary Susan Bolling
married 1st in 1851.08 to Gervas Storrs Burton
married 2nd to Dr. J. C. Macon

8. Paulina Bolling

6. Anne Bolling, b. 1752.02.07
married to William Dandridge

7. John Dandridge
married Miss. Underwood

8. Bolling Dandridge

7. William Dandridge

7. Nathaniel West Dandridge
married Martha H. Fontaine (niece of Patrick Henry)

8. Charles F. Dandridge
married Miss McGhee

8. William F. Dandridge
married Miss Stith

8. Anna Dandridge
married W. Hereford

8. Martha Dandridge
married R. Bolton

8. Nathaniel West Dandridge
married H. Wylie

8. Rosalie Dandridge
married W. D. Bradford

7. Ann/Anne Dandridge
married Frederick James

8. Mr. James
married Miss Utz, Fincastle

7.  Jane Butler Dandridge
married Rev. Jos. D. Logan

8. James W. Logan
married S. W. Strother

5. Jane Bolling (1703-1766)
married Col. Richard Randolph (1690-1748)

6. Richard Randolph
married Nancy Meade

7. Richard Randolph
married Maria Beverley

8. Lt. Robert B. Randolph (U.S. Navy)
married Maria Beverly (same name as mother-in-law?!)

8. Wm. Randoph, Mid. U.S. Navy on board Chesapeake when taken - lost in the Wasp?

8. Maria B. Randolph
married Philip Duval

7. David Meade Randolph (1760-1830)
married Molly Randolph

8. Wm. B. Randolph
married Sarah Lingan

7. Brett Randolph
married Lucy Beverley

8. Capt. Edward Randolph
married Bland Beverly

8. Carter Beverley Randolph, Ass't Surgeon U.S.N.)
married Ann Tayloe Farrar (née Beverly)

8. Capt. Victor Moreau Randolph of U.S.N. and C.S.N.
married Augusta Granberry

8. Franklin Randolph
married Ann Corbin

8. Theodoric Randolph
married Miss Brand

7. Ryland Randolph
married Elizabeth Frayzer

7. Susanna/Susan Randolph
married Benjamin Harrison

8. Benjamin Harrison
married 1st to Miss Mercer
married 2nd to "Page"

7. Jane Randolph
married 1774 to Archibald Bolling

See Archibald and Janes child above

7. Ann Randolph
married to Brett Randolph, Jr.

8. Kidder Randolph
married Betsey Montague

8. Howard Randolph
married Miss Meads (Kentucky)

8. Anne Randolph
married to Joseph Michaux

8. Susan Randolph
married Frank Watkins

8. Brett Randolph (Patrick's twin)

8. Patrick Randolph (Brett's twin)

7. Elizabeth Randolph
married David Meade 

8. John E. Meade (179?-1854)
married to Rebecca Beverley

8. Charlotte Meade, b. 179?
married to Dr. J. Y. Stockdell

8. Rebecca Meade, b. 180?
married to James Lea

7. Mary Randolph
married William Bolling

see children under Col. William Bolling's listing

7. Sarah Randolph
married William Mewburn

6. Mary Randolph (1727-1781)
married Archibald Cary (1721-1787)

7. Anne Cary
married Thom. Mann Randolph

8. Mary Randolph
married David Meade Randolph

8. Elizabeth Randolph
married Robert Pleasants

8. Thos. Mann Randolph (1764-1836), Governor of Virginia 
married Martha Jefferson, daughter of President Jefferson

8. Wm. Randolph
married Lucy Beverley, daughter of Gov. Beverley

8. Judith Randolph
married Richard Randolph

8. Ann Cary Randolph
married Gouverneur Morris of New York, Min. to France 1792-4
8. Jane Randolph
married to Thos. Esten Randolph

8. Dr. John Randolph, M.D.
married Judith Lewis

8. Harriet Randolph 
married Rich'd S. Hackley, Consul at Cadiz

8. Virginia Randolph
married Wilson J. Cary

7. Jane Cary
married Thomas Isham Randolph

8. Archibald Cary Randolph
married Lucy Burwell 

8. Thomas Randolph (twin of Isham), killed in battle of Tippecanoe
married 1st to Mary Skipwith
married 2nd to Catharine Lawrence

8. Isham Randolph (twin of Thomas)
married to Ann R. Coupland

8. Mary Randolph
married to Randolph Harrison

7. Elizabeth Cary
married Robert Kincaid

8. Mary J. Kincaid
married to Charles Irving

7. Mary Cary
married Carter Page (son of Gov. John Page)

8. John Cary Page
married to Mary A. Trent

8. Henry Page
married to Miss Deane
8. Dr. Mann Page, M.D.
married to Jane Walker

8. Mary Page, died in the burning o fthe Richmond Theatre 1811.12.26

6. Brett Randolph (1732-1759)
married Mary Scott

7. Henry Randolph
married 1758.10.07 to Lucy Ward

8. Henry Randolph (1784-1840.10.26)
married 1st to Caroline Matilda, d. 1808.09.25, died without issue
married 2nd to Eliza Griffin Norman
married 3rd to Mrs. Perry

8. Mary Randolph
married 1st to Geo. Thornton

8. Brett Randolph

8. Catharine Cochrane Randolph (1797-1852.12.12)
married  to Josiah Bartlett Abbot (1793.06.01-1849.09.23) born in CT

8. Susan Frances Randolph
married to Alex'r Lawson Botts, b. 1800

7. Susanna Randolph
married 1783 to Dr. Charles Douglass, b. 1752

8. Susan Mary Ann Douglass, b. 1785
married 1st to Mr. Wallace
married 2nd in 1808 to Capt. John Tucker of Bermuda

8. Heartly Douglass, b. 1786

8. Charles Brett Douglass, b. 1789 (twin of Archibald Aberdeen)

8. Archibald Aberdeen Douglass, b. 1789 (twin of Charles Brett)

8. Eliza Randolph Douglass, b. 1791

7. Brett Randolph, b. 1760
married Anne Randolph

6. John Randolph
married Frances Bland (1752-1788)

7. Richard Randolph (1770-1796)
married Judith Randolph

8. Tudor Randolph

8. St. George Randolph, a deaf mute

8. ? Randolph

7. John Randolph (1773-1833)

6. Jane Randolph
married Col. Anthony Walke

7. Rev. Anthony Walke
married 1st to Ann McClenahan
married 2nd to Mrs. Anne Fisher
married 3rd to ?

8. Edwin Walke (son of Ann McClenahan)
married to Sarah Massenburg

8. David Meade Walke (son of Ann McClenahan)

8. John N. Walke (son of Mrs. Anne Fisher)

8. Anthony Walke
married 1st to Jane Ritson
married 2nd to Ann Livingston

8. Susan M. Walke 
married to Chas. H. Shield

8. John N. Walke
married 1st to Miss Land
married 2nd to Ana M. Baylor
8. Jane E. Walke
married Richard Watson

6. Elizabeth Randolph
married Richard Kidder Meade

5. Elizabeth Bolling, b. 1709
married Dr. William Gay

6. William Gay
married 1st Frances Trent
married 2nd Judith Scott

7. William Gay
married Lucy Harrison Coupland

8. Dr. Peterfield Gay, M.D.
married to Miss Christian

8. B. Franklin Gay
married to Miss Baptist

7. Elizabeth Gay, b. 1772
married to Efford or Edward Bentley

8. Eliza Gay Bentley 
married to Daniel Harris

8. Wm. Field Bentley
married to Sarah Dupree

8. Fanny Trent Bentley
married to Wm. Houston

8. Efford Bolling Bentley
married to Lucy W. Chamberlayne

8. John Gay Bentley
married to Judith Thompson

8. Maria Buchanan Bentley
married to Daniel B. Friend

8. Dr. Alex'r Willis Bentley, M.D.
married to Miss Peters

8. Lavinia Bentley
married to William Roper

7. Thomas Bolling Gay
married to Eliza R. Archer

8. Ellen Gay
married to Jacob Skien

8. Delia Gay

8. William Gay
married to Miss Jackson

8. Eliza S. Gay

8. Powhatan A. Gay

8. Virginia F. Gay

8. Bolling Gay, C.S.A., died at Camp Douglass 1865.04

7. Neil B. Gay
married to Martha Talley

8. William Gay
married to Sarah Bruce

8. Neil B. Gay
married to Mary Bunn

8. Martha Gay
married to Mr. Perkins

8. Pocahontas V. Gay

8. Ann Caroline Gay

7. Mary B. Gay (1794-1879)
married to Gideon A. Strange

8. William Gay Strange

7. Capt. Edward Scott Gay
married Catharine N. Tazewell

8. Matoaca Gay, distinguished society writer, under nom de plume of "Bric-a-Brac"

8. Louisa Gay
married Robert C. White

8. Edwd. S. Gay
married to Sarah Ewell

8. Carolina Gay
married Charles P. Winston, d. 1887.01.01

8. Minnie W. Gay

7. Anne H. Gay
married to Charles H. Scott

7. Charles S. Gay
married Margaret Erskine

8. Charles Wyndham Gay, C.S.A., killed in battle

8. Henry Erskine Gay

8. Frances B. Gay
married 1875 to R.H.Catlett, issue

8. Lizzie E. Gay

8. William Gay

8. Agatha Estell Gay

8. Caroline Scott Gay
married W. M. Allen

7. Sally Gay
married to James B. Ferguson

8. Judith Gay Ferguson
married to J.A. Carr

8. Pocahontas Ferguson
married to J.M. Vaughan

8. James B. Ferguson
married Emma C. Henry (daughter of Col. John Henry and granddaughter of Patrick Henry)

8. Mary Francis Ferguson

8. William Gay Ferguson
married to Margaret Bryce, née Pickett

6. Elizabeth Gay 
married Thomas Bolling

* for children of Elizabeth Gay and Thomas Bolling, see Thomas Bolling above.

6. Mary Gay
married 1770 to Neil Buchanan

5. Mary Bolling, b. 1711
married Col. John Fleming (1697-1766.11.07)

6. Captain Thomas Fleming, killed 1777.02.12 in Battle of Princeton
married Miss Randolph

7. Mary Fleming
married Warner Lewis

8. Julia Lewis
married Thomas Throckmorton of Williamsburg, VA

8. John Lewis 
married Eleanor Lewis (his cousin)

7. Sukey Fleming
married to Addison Lewis

8. Susan Lewis
married William Byrd

6. Maj. John Fleming
killed at battle of White Plains; 

6. William Fleming (1736.07.06-1824.02.15)
married Elizabeth Champe

7. Lucy Fleming
married John Markham

Lucy Fleming and John Markham went west and left issue

7. Mary Bolling Fleming
married Capt. Beverley Chew Stanard of Spotsylvania County

8. Eliza J. F. Stanard
married to Samuel O. Eggleston

8. John C. Stanard
married Sarah T. Thurston

8. Julia A. V. Stanard
married to Dr. A. L. Woodridge

6. Lt. Col. Charles Fleming

6. Mary Fleming
married William Bernard

7. Daniel Bernard
married Miss Branch

8. Cyrus Bernard (Mid. U.S. Navy), p.o.w. at Algiers, killed in a duel at Havana 1821.05.15

8. Christopher Bernard, Sgt. of Richmond volunteers in War of 1812, grandfather of Cyrus A. Branch a prominent lawyer in James City county

6. Caroline Fleming, born 1733
married James Deane
married 2nd? to James Fyrie

7. Miss Deane

5. Martha Bolling (1713-1749.10.23)
married 1727 to Thomas Eldridge

6. Jenny Eldridge, b. circa 1740

6. Rolfe Eldridge, b. 1744.12.29
married Susan Everard Walker

7. Rolfe Eldridge
married to Mary Moseley

8. Susanna Eldrige
married to Dr. James Austin

8. Lucy Eldridge
married to Rev. James Fitzgerald

8. Elizabeth Eldridge
married to B. Austin

8. Delia Eldridge
married to Sen. Robert Kincaid Irving of VA, issue

8. William Eldridge
married to Miss Nixon

8. Mildred Kidder Eldridge
married to Wm. M. Cabell

8. Benjamin Eldridge
married to Eliz. Perkins

8. John Eldridge
married to Sarah Moseley

8. Frances Eldridge
married to Samuel A. Glover, issue

7. Susan Eldridge
married to Mr. Webber

8. Thomas Webber
married to Mary Ayres

8. Courtney T. Eldridge
married Jno. Williams

7. Thomas Eldridge
married to Mary Ayres

7. Courtney Tucker Eldridge
married to John Williams

6. Mary Eldridge, b. 1742/3.03.11
married Thos. Branch

7. Bolling Branch
married Rebecca Graves

8. Mary Susan Branch
married to Lt. Gov. John F. Wiley of VA

8. William Branch

8. Sally Branch
married to Capt. Edw'd Gregg

7. Matthew Branch
married Martha Cox

8. Polly Branch
married to Thomas May

6. Judith Eldridge, b. 1742/3.03.11
married James Ferguson

7. James B. Ferguson
married 1st to Jane Bolling (widow of Robt. Bolling)
married 2nd to Sally Gay (for children with Sally Gay, see her listing)

8. Jane Elvira Ferguson
married to Peachy R. Grattan

6. Martha Eldridge
married John Harris of England 

7. Pamela Harris, b. 1749
married 1765 to Rev. Christopher McRae

5. Anne Bolling
married James Murray

6. William Murray (1752.05.06-1815)
married Rebecca Bolling (see Rebecca above)

7. Anne Murray
married Dr. Thomas Robinson

8. William Murray Robinson (1807-1878)
married to Sarah A. Mills, issue

8. Dr. Robert Emmett Robinson, M.D., d. 1865
married 1st to Adeline Dewees of Philadelphia
married 2nd to Indiana Henley
married 3rd to Virginia E. Stainback

8. Powhatan Robinson
married to Anne Eason

7. Mary Murray
married George Skipwith

8. Robert Skipwith
married 1st to Jane Rolfe Bolling
married 2nd to Eliz. Bolling

8. William M. Skipwith

8. Dr. George N. Skipwith, M.D.
married to Maria L. Brooks

8. Cornelia Lotte Skipwith
married to James M. Whittle

8. Thomas Bolling Skipwith, d. 1873
married to Emma Darrieux

7. William Murray, d. 1866
married Rebecca Skelton

8. Rebecca B. Murray

8. Matoaca Murray
married C.L. Gifford of Newark, NJ

8. Nannie S. Murray
married Dr. J.B. Wiley

8. Louisa S. Murray

8. Mary Murray

8. Cornelia S. Murray

8. Gay Bernard Murray
married Lewis E. Rawlins

6. John Murray, b. 1744
married Susan Yates

7. Elizabeth Murray
married Edward Yates

8. Mary Yates
married to William Hamlin

8. Elizabeth Yates

7. Anne Murray
married Jesse Brown

7. Sukey Murray
married Theodore Bland Ruffin

7. James Murray

7. Peggy Murray
married Mr. Elam

6. Anne Murray, b. 1746.08.30
married Neil Buchanan

7. Miss Buchanan
married Mr. Cross

8. Miss Cross
married to Robert Yuillee, left issue

6. Margaret "Peggy" Murray, b. 1748.02.08
married Thomas Gordon

8. Nancy or Ann Gordon
married to Sen. Henry Embry Coleman of VA

7. Ann/Nancy Gordon
married Henry Embry Coleman

8. Elizabeth Ann Coleman
married to Charles Baskerville

8. Mary Margaret Coleman
married to Sen. Richard Logan of VA

8. John Coleman
married 1st to Elizabeth Clark
married 2nd to Mary Love

8. Thomas Gordon Coleman
married to Anne Clarke

8. Henrietta Maria Coleman
married to Rev. John Clarke

8. Henry E. Coleman
married to Mary Turner

8. Dr. Ethelbert Algernon Coleman, M.D.
married 1st to Elizabeth Sims
married 2nd to Fanny Ragsdale

8. Sarah Coleman
married to David Chalmers

8. Charles Coleman
married 1st to Sarah Eaton
married 2nd to Alice Sydnor

8. Jane C. Coleman
married to Charles E. Hamilton
6. Mary Murray (1754-1823)
married 1st Alexander Gordon
married 2nd Col. William Davies

7. Peggy Gordon
married 1st to William Knox, d. 1809
married 2nd to Grief Green, a prominent lawyer of Mecklenburg county

8. Mary Ann Knox
married to Dr. Thomas Goode

8. Sophia Knox
married to John Buford

8. John F. O. Knox

8.  Henry Green

7. Mary Ann Davies
married 1804 to Fortescue Whittle

8. Wm. Conway Whittle, Commander U.S.N., Commodore C.S.N.
married to Elizabeth Sinclair, daughter of Com. W. Sinclair, U.S.N.

8. Fortescue Whittle

8. Sen. James M. Whittle of VA
married 1st to Mary Coles
married 2nd to Cornelia L. Skipwith

8. Conway D. Whittle
married to Gilberta Sinclair, daughter of Com. W. Sinclair, U.S.N.

8. John S. Whittle, Surgeon U.S.N.
married 1st to Jane Patterson
married 2nd to Anne Southgate

8. Lewis Neale Whittle
married to Sarah M. Powers

8. Stephen Decatur Whittle
married to Nannie Taylor

8. Francis McNeece Whittle, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of VA
married Emily Fairfax

8. Col. Powhatan Bolling Whittle of C.S.Army

6. James Murray, b. 1743
married Martha Ward

7. Mary Murray
married Edmund Harrison

My wife's descent from Sallie Hunt

73. Sarah "Sallie" Hunt
born 1765.02.26 in GA
married 1782.02.14 to John D. Greer in "Edge Field, Dist, So. Crin" (sic)
died 1835.08.08 or 9 in Troup County, GA
said to be a descendant of Pocahontas

36. Nathaniel Hunt Greer
born 1802.10.26 in Hillsboro, Jasper County, GA
married 1821 to Nancy Ann Terry Roberts in Bradford County, TN or Tuscaloosa, AL
moved to TX in 1837
1838.09.06 elected a Senator under Gen. Sam Houston to the 4th Congress in Washington County, TX.  He served 1838-1840.
1852 heard of "Mormonism" and left for Utah in 1855.
died 1855.06.25 of cholera at Little Nemehaw, Nebraska Territory.

18. Stephen Decatur "Cate" Greer
born 1830.06.26 in Troup County, GA
moved to Texas in March 1837
married 1858.04.07 to Arminta "Minty" Howard in Meridian, TX
In the winter of 1863, he enlisted as a cavalry private in Co. E, Mounted Frontier Regiment, 
Texas State Troops, commanded by Col. J. E. McCord. Later he was in Capt. Henry Fossett's Co. 
A of Lt. Col. Buck Barry's "Battalion," Texas Frontier Regiment, C.S.A. This service allowed Cate 
to honor Union sympathies he shared with his father-in-law by protecting the frontier against Indian 
raids rather than fight his northern brother. On January 8, 1865, his unit was in the Battle of Dove 
Creek, the most famous frontier engagement of the day.  During the Civil War, Cate was stationed at Camp Colorado where he and Mintie lost their infant daughter, Ellen May, who was buried at the nearby town of Coleman.
"Greer, Steven", age 40, living in Meridian, Bosque, TX in 1870 census
S. D. Greer, age 50 living in Bosque County, TX in 1880 census
died 1904.01.25 in Bosque County, TX or 1905.01.25 in Meridian, TX

9. Sally Greer
born 1860.06.04 in Bosque County, TX
"Sarah", age 10, living in Meridian, Bosque, TX in 1870 census
Sallie, age 20, living in Bosque County, TX in 1880 census
married 1883.01.29 10:00 am to James Harvey Reed in Meridian, TX
"Sallie G.", age 59 living in Spur, Dickens, TX in 1920 Census
"Sallie G.", age 69,  living in District 9, Precinct 4, Crosby County, TX in 1930 Census.  
died circa 1955 in Meridian, TX

4. James "Howard" Reed
born 1898.07.18 in Meridian, TX
"Reed, Howard", age 31, living in District 9, Precinct 4, Crosby County, TX in 1930 Census on the Spur and Crosbyton Road.  Occupation Retail Merchant, Grocerier. 
married 1930.07.20 to Ruby Virginia Martin in Lovington, NM

2. James Howard Reed

1. Tammi Lynn Reed

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